More than 10,000 bands and acts entered the Live and Unsigned music competition held back in January. Battling through auditions to get to the live regional finals, the best talent made it through to the area finals and then to the national grand final held at the London 02. And it was here that super-talented The Trinity Band were crowned the overall winners. Proving a real hit ever since, Rukus, Dwaine, Craig, James and Pete have now played shows such as the North East’s Ignition Festival.

Flavour meets up with the boys, who are feeling pretty lucky and humbled by the whole experience and looking forward to sharing their music with a wider audience…

Congratulations guys. How did it feel when you heard your name announced as the winners?

Dwaine: It was absolutely surreal; I can remember this burst of energy coming from us. We started jumping around erratically and shouting. It was an immense feeling. And the confetti just made it that little bit more exciting. We felt very proud.

You guys performed at Ignition Festival, sharing the stage with the likes of Calvin Harris, Feeder and Miles Kane – how was it?

Craig: Any chance to perform for us is huge, and to know that we shared the stage with such names that carry weight is an honour for us – it also reminds us of where we are coming from, and proves that our persistence has helped gain the privilege of performing at such great festivals.

Are you fans of these artists?

Rukus: I’ve been a fan of Calvin Harris since ‘I Got Love for You’ – big tune! I actually name-check him in one of our tracks. Love Feeder’s song ‘Feeling A Moment’, and it’s crazy cos I was watching something on Channel 4 earlier this year and saw Miles Kane on it. I like their vibe.

Craig: I am a huge fan of Calvin Harris; he has a real authentic energy on stage.

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of the band, how would you describe your sound and what you’re about?

Rukus: What we’re about is feel good music and positive vibes. Music is a powerful tool, and as five young black men we’re trying to use this medium to uplift, empower and inspire people, without being all preachy or coming across corny.

How long has the group been together and how did it form?

Rukus: I formed the band about six years ago. I always wanted to have a live band, having played drums for my school and performed with my family for years; I was always into live instrumentation and the vibe it brings. I was a solo artist rapping, had a few tunes out that did well in the UK hip-hop scene, and then I met James and Craig and they were both equally passionate about music as I was. That’s kind of where it started and set all our dreams into motion, you could say.

What type of genre would you say your music is?

James: Our music is mainly urban, but we have elements of hip hop, soul, R&B and even rock.

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing?

Dwaine: I personally get my inspiration from the lads: we all work so well and bring so many different vibes to the table, which opens up your mind when creating. If Craig (vision) drops two chords, that’s me off on one. J drums can drop a hot beat that gets my head bouncing and it goes from there.

Craig: Mainly from our journey as a band, the things we have experienced and our vision and dreams inspire what we write and play.

Rukus: We are all products of our surroundings, so that’s where I get most of my inspiration from.

Who are your musical influences?

Rukus: There’s so many… Mum and Dad are both very musical and without them I would not be doing music; Busta Rhymes, Bob Marley, Rodney P, Garnett Silk, Take That, Beth Ditto, Phil Collins, Labrinth, Jodeci…

Craig: Also Janelle Monáe, Michael Jackson, Simply Red and Tinie Tempah.

Who do you think your music and energy attracts?

Dwaine: I do believe that anyone can come along and experience the vibe we have going on. To be fair, we’ve done contrasting gigs before. One night we’ve had a sea of university students fully going for it and then the next night more of a family vibe – and both seemed to have enjoyed it in their own right.

Craig: We just want people to enjoy good music. No matter age, gender, creed or colour – we got something for everyone.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

James: I would like to collaborate with Tinie Tempah; right now he is one of the biggest acts in the UK and a very good performer who brings lots of energy, just like we do.

Craig: Yeah, or Janelle Monáe.

Rukus: Wretch 32 or Labrinth – I think that he is one of the most original and unique talents that has come out the UK in a while.

Growing up as kids with dreams and goals, would you say what has and is happening to you is a dream come true?

Dwaine: Oh, most definitely. I’ve always wanted to perform from an early age, and I have, just for the love of music; but an event like this made that dream just a little bit clearer because it’s an avenue to start working hard and obtain recognition in the industry.

Craig: I mean, I knew I would do something like this, but was never sure how it would all come about. I feel it was written in the stars, that this is the direction my life would go.

Rukus: Very much so, it’s been amazing. We are truly living our dreams.

What’s next for The Trinity Band and where do you hope to see yourselves in the next few years?

Craig: We hope to see ourselves doing lots of touring, putting out and producing quality music that will be heard and enjoyed by the masses. And hopefully be able to show people that if you follow your dreams you can do anything you wish.

Where can people learn more about you?

Check us out online – we update all our show dates on there and lots more.

Follow The Trinity Band on Twitter @thetrinityband or visit