Getting to know new places and admiring the gloriousness of rich cultures are one of the greatest sensations in this world.

Breathtaking scenery, stunning architecture and delectable food await travellers in Malaga. This Spanish coastal city is a place that knows how to make people forget all their problems and immerse themselves in its beauty and unique flair. This ultimate guide to Malaga exists in order to ensure that you will have a memorable time there even if you stay for only one day.

How to Get to Malaga?

By Bus or Train

If you are already in Spain, getting to Malaga is not such a big deal. You can take a coach or a train from wherever you are and be there in a few hours.

By Ferry

The Port of Malaga ensures that travellers can reach the city by sea. Cruise ships and ferries moor there and make Malaga accessible to people from Europe and Africa.

By Plane

The most common way to get to Malaga is by plane. The Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport receives travellers from all parts of Europe and of the whole world. It is a modern and welcoming airport.


Getting to Malaga Airport

How to Hire a Car at Malaga Airport?

Malaga is a large city with many tourist attractions, local businesses and beautiful beaches that you should visit. By hiring a car, you can make sure that you have got a reliable vehicle to safely transfer you to different destinations fast. You have got the option to pick it up from the airport so that you can go exploring Malaga immediately.

Where to Hire a Car at Malaga Airport?

The place to go in order to hire a car at Malaga Airport is Holiday Cars. It is a virtual space where people can find affordable car hire services at popular airports in different corners of the world, including Malaga. You don’t need any special knowledge to know how to hire a car at Malaga airport on Holiday Cars; you just follow the instructions. The steps are simple: you compare car hire prices; you book the ideal vehicle for you; you pay online, and you are set. If you want to make any changes to your booking, you can do so for free up to 2 days before your selected pickup date. Hiring a car on Holiday Cars is truly easy.

Best Things to See in Malaga in One Day

Malaga has got a great number of top-rated attractions as the city’s history goes back many centuries. However, there are a few special historic buildings that cannot be missing from this ultimate guide to Malaga. Which are these? The Alcazaba fortress, the Roman theatre, the Picasso Museum, the Automobile and Fashion Museum and the Contemporary Art Center are things that you must see in Malaga.