galentines day jewellery

Forget Valentine’s… it’s all about Galentine’s! During lockdown, you may find you’re missing your fellow gal pals more than ever, so why not send them over a little treat this Galentine’s Day to show you’re thinking of them?

Now, while you may already have those gifts wrapped and sent to be delivered, it wouldn’t hurt to give your friend that extra bit of love – especially during times like these! 

Arlo Wolf, an online eyewear retailer that offers a free home try-on glasses service, has provided a roundup of last-minute Galentine’s Day gifts that are guaranteed to make your friend smile. Have a read of these below. 

1. Candle set

Seen as we’re going to be stuck in lockdown for the foreseeable, there has never been a better time to invest in the purest of home comforts. With this in mind, why not treat your friend to a candle set that will turn their home into an indulgent haven? This gift is especially ideal if you feel your bestie deserves a little bit of pampering right now. 

2. Cocktail making kit 

Do you miss those night outs with your friend where the pair of you would just indulge in boujee drinks? While it may not be time to hit that dance floor just yet, you can still enjoy delicious cocktails from the comfort of your own home. 

Speaking of which, there are plenty of cocktail making kits out there, so why not send one to your girl’s door? If you want to make things that bit more exciting, you could even host a cocktail making masterclass on Galentine’s Day for the pair of you. 

3. Gift vouchers

You really can’t go wrong with a gift voucher. From independent to high street, there seems to be a wide range of retailers that are handing out gift vouchers these days. This means that you’re really going to be spoilt for choice if you’re planning to treat your friend to one this Galentine’s Day!

4. Flowers 

Who says the act of giving flowers is only restricted to couples on Valentine’s Day? From the pinkest of roses to the whitest of daisies, you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a lovely bouquet for your friend. Not only would this gift brighten their day, but it would even help to brighten up their home during lockdown.

galentines day Flowers

5. A good book 

When times are tough and there’s not much you can do about it, you can always trust a good book to help you get away from reality. So, if your friend is an avid reader or has been talking about that read they’re wanting to get their hands on, gifting them with a book would definitely make their Galentine’s Day.  

6. A drawing or painting 

If you’re into your arts and crafts, why not put your skills to good use and create a delightful drawing for your friend? The picture you draw can be anything from personal to hilarious – perhaps frame it to go that extra mile? 

7. Perfume 

You can’t have too many perfumes in your life, and neither can your bestie! Now, this gift will really prove how much you know your friend, as you will have to select a fragrance you think they will like. That being said, choose wisely! 

galentines day perfume

8. Jewellery 

A piece of jewellery is such a timeless gift, as well as something that will give your friend that well-needed pick me up. What’s more, shopping for jewellery is so much fun as you get to choose between splendid necklaces and divine sets of earrings. Choose a piece that will make your friend smile and sparkle. 

9. Self-care hamper 

If you can’t decide on just one gift and want to go all the way when it comes to treating your bestie, why not send the ultimate self-care hamper to their door? 

The best thing about creating this gift is that you can be as creative and personal as you want. Does your friend love a good pamper? Throw in a couple of face masks in the box. Do they love their sweet treats? Then it would be rude not to include their favourite bar of chocolate in the hamper! 

10. Online experiences

Whether you love or loathe them, you’ve got to admit that online experiences help us to relive the good old days. By online experiences, we don’t mean just another pub quiz on Zoom. No… we’re talking about virtual wine tastings, cooking classes and movie nights! Choose the session that you and your bestie are guaranteed to adore. 

And there you have it! Ten last-minute Galentine’s Day gift ideas that will make your bestie feel all sorts of warmth and cheer. Now, you know your friend better than we do, so it’s completely up to you what you decide to treat them to. In the meantime… Happy Galentine’s Day!