man in a wedding suit

Who says brides get to have all the fun when it comes to planning their wedding day outfit? If you’re the lucky guy getting married, you shouldn’t hesitate to make the most of the attention and go all out with an equally impressive outfit.

Even if you’re simply a guest, a wedding will still give you the perfect opportunity to show off your style credentials.

But if you want to look your best, you can’t simply throw a few disparate items together and hope they make an impact. To really have swagger, you need to stay on trend and plan every last element. But what if you’ve got to wait until next year before the big day? It can be hard to know what will be hot in the style stakes so far in advance. Luckily, we’ve done our homework and put together this handy style guide, outlining all the swanky details of men’s wedding fashion for 2020.


The old saying is true—fashion will always repeat itself, and now styles are turning to a much more traditional look. Three-piece wedding suits are making a swift comeback, especially after being flaunted by David Beckham at the Royal Wedding back in 2018. The menswear fashion icon became the first man dressed in acclaimed designer Kim Jones’ highly-anticipated debut collection for Dior Homme. His light grey wool twill double-breasted waistcoat was jazzed up with a gold chain, giving a modern twist to his classic all-black morning suit. And wedding specialists have noticed this trend quickly gain traction for both grooms and guests alike. According to the venue managers at Staffordshire manor house Sandon Hall, who frequently host weddings in their grounds, 2020 will see a “return to quintessential English morning suits, complete with a statement tailcoat”.

Meanwhile, tailors at luxury label Alexandra Wood reckon that plenty of gents will take inspiration from 007 for their wedding wardrobe, thanks to the scheduled release of the 25th James Bond film in April 2020. “There will be a definite shift towards sleek dinner suits and dark, well-fitted suits with minimal fuss”, they explain, adding that midnight blue à la Tom Ford—worn by none other than Daniel Craig himself—is sure to be a popular shade. If you’re more experimental, you may prefer an eye-catching burgundy or emerald green.

It also looks like men’s wedding fashion in 2020 will prioritize individuality and versatility. In a piece for The New York Times, Bruce Pask, the men’s fashion director for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, claims that tuxedos have fallen out of fashion. Instead, we’re set to favour “evening jackets that allow for originality”, with velvet, silk jacquard, and vivid patterns proving most sought-after by modern grooms. Durand Guion, a vice president for Macy’s Fashion Office, adds that men are more likely to look for a suit they can adapt to suit different occasions, like “adding the jacket to jeans and a T-shirt”.

Footwear and accessories

Speaking to GQ, Ben Clarke, head cutter at Savile Row tailors Richard James, encourages accessories such as pocket squares and tie pins, but warns grooms and groomsmen not to go overboard as “a little restraint is very masculine”. However, in his eyes, one of the most important wedding day accessories is a pair of braces. These will allow men to wear shorter waistcoats, which make their legs look longer and their figures slimmer, while still ensuring that no material will be visible between the shirt and pants. Clarke is also adamant that “no greenery or silver foil” should be involved if the party wishes to add any flowers to their lapel button holds.

When it comes to neckwear, the team at men’s outfitters Jack Bunney is adamant that standard ties are the only way to go. They claim that bowties have “dramatically fallen in popularity” as have cravats and ruche ties, which are just as likely to be rare in 2020. Instead, they recommend wearing regular ties in a classic Windsor knot for a “stylish and timeless” look. Especially fashion-forward gents may take inspiration from the fall/winter 2019-2020 catwalks and choose a skinny tie, as sported by models for Saint Laurent and Celine.

Classic styles such as Oxfords, Derbys, and brogues in black or brown will continue to be the most popular footwear amongst grooms and guests. Penny loafers made regular appearances on spring/summer 2020 runways and could be the shoe of choice for those going for a preppy look on the big day. Meanwhile, suits and sneakers are still hugely in fashion and likely to be paired by the most daring dressers. Staff at The Groomsman Suit suggest wearing simple sneakers in a bold colour, where the soles and laces are the same shade as the shoe, and making sure that pants are appropriately tailored.


Wedding day hairstyles will depend very much on the natural texture of the hair. As explained by stylists at Gavin Ashley salon and barbers, undone hairstyles are ideal for those with curls, while those with more manageable locks may prefer a slightly more high maintenance look. Popular choices for 2020 include the quiff, pompadour, crew cut, the Ivy League, and the slicked-back style.

When it comes to facial hair, this also depends on the groom or guest’s signature style. Writers at Byrdie recommend a clean shave for an “especially fresh” feel on the big day unless a beard is part of their usual look. In this case, it should simply be tidied up the morning of the wedding. And seeking specialist grooming treatments in the run-up to the event will be just as common in 2020, with manicures, spray tans, facials, and teeth whitening most beloved by men who want to look on point.