If you were anywhere near the Ritzy in Brixton last night you would have heard the crowds of screaming girls waiting for Bashy at the premiere of his debut film Shank. The highly anticipated movie, which is released on the 26th March, had its first outing in Brixton as opposed to the stereotypical Leicester Sq. Shank which is set in a futuristic poverty stricken London is a movie that definitely stepped out of the box, so the left field location was oh so genius.

It was also the first big screen appearance for newcomer Kedar Williams- Stirling but both him and Bashy worked the red carpet like pro’s greeting fans and getting papped by the paparazzi.

Speaking at the screening, director Mo Ali said that the film was a credit to the tight relationship the cast had fostered on set and that he hoped everyone enjoyed watching the film as much as they did making it. If the cheers, gasps and laughter were anything to go by it’s definitely an audience pleaser.

At the after party DJs spun some of the grime tracks featured in the film. MCs like Donaeo and D Double E passed through to show their support for the film. Comedians Kojo, Ms London (who was looking hot in some knee high boots) and Eddie Kadi were also in the house.

The moment of the night had to be when Kedar and co stars including Michael Socha and Kaya Scoldelario (Effy from Skins) hit the centre of the dance floor and started bustin a slick skank routine which was greeted by a round of applause from other party goers.

Flavour thinks Shank is one of the hottest films to come out of the UK in the last few years. This movie is definitely one to watch

Shank will be out in cinemas March 26.

Words by Mary Bello Photography by Saira Awan



  1. Why bother having a magazine that just promotes everything within the genre it represents.
    Justifying it's own existence perhaps, or just congratulating it's narcisistic back slapping, blog happy mates for simply getting off their arse and doing something. Whether it be a completely misguided film, or some poorly produced track with rapping that is tantamount to mere nursery rhymes over a basic speak n spell beat.
    Putt that in your twitter pipe and smoke it!

  2. ANON, shame on you. Your 'it's' do not need apostrophes and 'narcisistic' is spelt incorrectly. When you receive basic formal education you can then return and criticise Flavour's journalism. I am no writer but even I can see you’re pontificating.

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