Generally I tend not to research the restaurants I am going to review, this avoids misconceptions as well as disappointment, so on arrival to World’s End Market, I was taken aback when I initially thought it was a pub. While standing outside the entrance I actually had to take a quick look up and down the King’s Road (Fulham) and double-check that I was at the right place.

With caution I proceeded to enter and asked the reception “Is this the World’s End market?” yes they confirmed, I told them my name and they open the curtains and kindly ushered my to my table reservation. Upon entry I immediately thought to myself, WOW ok, this has a pub like feel from the outside but this is a restaurant and bar. I really liked the feeling of being able to simply go over to the bar for drinking or book a table for dinner.

Worlds end Market

World’s End Market is not a pub
The World’s End Market however manages to encompass the pub like feel from the outside along with fine dining simultaneously and with great effect. They staff/waiters are close enough to be called at a moment, yet far enough that you do not feel like that are hovering over your dinner.

As you take a look down the far end, you will see the fresh fish stand as well as the chefs cooking, yet I heard no noise from the chefs or the cooking pots and pans which was absolutely brilliant.

worlds end market 11

The Menu
For starters we dined on Colchester Rock Oysters freshly shucked with market sauce, tomato salsa and lemon along with Tuna ceviche with ginger, jalapeno chili & coriander dressing, a perfect icebreaker for date night to get those salacious conversations started along with 2 glasses of white.

Our mains where a British Beef Fillet 7oz (28 days matured) and a Whole Lobster, along with a side helping of french fries and salad which we both shared. The lobster was sublime and the beef fillet was cooked to perfection.

For dessert we decided on sharing (I’m giving away dating hacks here) a Carrot & Orange Cake which also came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If your partner is too full after dinner, order a dessert to share, its romantic. We however also decided on sharing the English Cheese 6 board (Kirkham’s Lancashire, Stichelton & Stawley) while we had one last drink which had to be from their extensive cocktail menu, she had the Passion Fruit Martini (Absolut vanilla vodka shaken with Passoa passion fruit liquer, juice, and pure Vanilla sugar, served with a shot of Prosecco) and I opted for the slightly manlier Old Fashioned (Woodford Reserve or Makers Mark stirred with sugar and Angostura bitters).

All that was left of our wonderful evening was to order our taxi home and reminisce on the wonderful evening.

Go to their website and book your table now:

By @LeonardWFoster

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