X Factor 2011 band The Risk release their debut single ‘Missiles’ today (Monday 27 January). We caught up with the 4-piece group for an exclusive acoustic recording of their debut single and to have a chat about what they’ve been up too since leaving The X-Factor.

On life after The X-Factor Charlie says:
Well since The X-Factor things have been crazy! We have been really really busy,  we’ve done over two hundred and fifty shows now, and just been working as hard as we can but  the XFactor tour as well on top of that which was really good and then we’ve just been in the studio, obviously we entered The X-Factor to have a career in music so tat we have still tried to do, so yeah! There’s Peter Andre tour as well and then working towards our single so it’s been a busy time its been good.

On Peter Andre Andy says:
Peter Andre is a top top guy, really genuine he’s like so down to earth you can tell he’s just a family man. he’s been really, really good and really supportive and a good performer as well.

On the single ‘Missiles’ Charlie says:
The single is called ” Missiles ” and its out on the 27th January. We tried to release something a bit different than the normal stereotype boy band so we got a bit of a dub-step edge in there, Derry dose his thing rapping on it, it’s kinda street and the verses are quite simple so we can really sing to show off the harmony in our voices and yeah we love it.

On what they each bring to the group. First Ashford…
Well what even better about Ashford is we actually picked Ashford to be in The Risk like from last year somebody left from the show and we could not think of anybody who would suit us more than Ashford. He is a great singer for one but also his performance on stage is unreal! I actually feel in awe standing next to him on stage. I mean normally standing at the side of him looking at each other like wow! He can dance and he’s a performer as well so he just brings a element to the group and on top of all that he is a wicked guy as well. He is funny keeps every one up beat when we are down or tired.

The Risk on Andy…
Andy is like the clean boy image. Everyone thinks he’s shy and innocent but you haven’t seen him, he’s crazy! He is also a great guy and his voice is unbelievable he’s taught me so much but listening to his voice I always try to copy it and I think I have improved just by listening to Andy.

The Risk on Derry…
Derry brings a lot to the group. Derry has got that bad boy image to him which I think girls do like and obviously he is a sensational rapper as well. I think that brings more urban edge to us and I think its what we all need and thats what the girls like. as well, that deadly smile which you need in a boy band as well . He is the bad boy!

The Risk on Charlie…
Charlie boy! He is a good lad, he brings so much to the band. He’s confidant because on the show everyone was like his voice is impeccable he is a main man sort of thing and he has got that sort of voice that you can see throughout a band you can see Charlie if you know what I mean! Charlie is the man.

Photography: Simon Howard
Styling: Charley Purpz
Filming and editing: Charlie Massey

Missiles is out now on iTunes