…The USG rap artist from North Weezy was the man behind the ‘Power of the Pound’ mix-tape. Priced at £1, the quid mix-tape sparked reviews and interests from several urban mainstream platforms after making an impressive 3,000 sales immediately after its release on Bang Radio. Exo is set to release his first single since signing to 360 Records, entittled ‘They Call Me E.X.O’ on April 22. We caught up with Exo to find out a bit more about him, check it out.

Where did the name EXO come from?
Ummm boy its kinda mad, I’m bit of a drinker init, I like that Hennessy covosiser, EXO imperial that’s me.

Tells us about the single ‘They Call Me EXO’?
It just comes from my name, I thought it was perfect as a first single to get my name stuck in peoples heads.

‘I’ll marry Toni Braxton tomorrow I don’t care, shes still sexy Oh My Dayz.’

How old were you when you decide to pursue music?
I would say I was like maybe 2o, 21 when I really started taking it seriously. I used to play instruments, I used to play the piano, bit of drums, bit of violin.

If you wasn’t doing music, what would you be doing?
I don’t even know what I would be doing, I would like to be testing computer games, or a drinks tester (laughs) why not play computer games all day and get bare money. Or maybe a football coach actually I’ll be pro, forget all them other things.

What’s your favourite tune out right now?
One tune called ‘They Call Me E.X.O.’ (Laughs)

Which artists out there inspire you?
Do you know what, I would say Wretch, for what he’s done and achieved in the last year, gotta respect that man, I respect what Koke’s done, what Tinie’s done. I say look to your own really.

What obstacles did you face while pursuing your career?
A million plus another million. Things like people telling you your rubbish, or tryna get radio play and they don’t wanna know. I’ve had the studio robbed, leaving me with nothing and having to start from scratch.

Most memorable experience while pursuing music?
Getting signed, getting recognised by other people in the industry.

Whats your favourite album of all time?
Can I have three…
2Pac ‘Until The End Of Time’ double disc, JayZ ‘Blueprint’ and Tracy Chapman album, the first one.

Most Embarrassing childhood memory?
I fell out of a tree, I was climbing it and I fell out of that beast! Bang bang bang, hit about four branches on the way down and then I smashed into a fence.

Who was your celebrity crush while growing up?
Toni Braxton! I’ll marry Toni Braxton tomorrow I don’t care, shes still sexy Oh My Dayz.

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?
2Pac, I would say wa gwan fam, come drink some Henny fam! Lets listen to some tunes my darg.

What do you have planned for us in the near future?
Well my single ‘They Call Me EXO’ April 22nd, a few other singles…
When can we expect an album?… It’s all about the singles right now, I don’t know yet.

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Get the single ‘They Call Me E.X.O’ out April 22nd




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