thigh brow

Is Thigh Brows the New Craze? Well plenty of babes on instagram seem to think so. But what exactly is a Thigh Brow?

The thigh brow seems to have become the modern day cleavage. Instagram babes all over the world and celebrities too are all about the Thigh Brow. So what exactly is a Thigh Brow?

Well the answer is as follows: A Thigh Brow is the fold between a womens thigh and crotch.

The Thigh Brow
The Thigh Brow. The fold between a women’s thigh and crotch.

Say whaaaaat? Yes the fold between their thigh and crotch and its what girls on instagram seem to be flaunting in photos these days. Remember the Thigh Brow and Thigh Gap are completely different.

And the best thing about the Thigh Brow is that its not just for one type of women. Curvy girls and slim girls alike are all rocking thigh brow photos.

Here’s a few we found earlier: