Fuel bills increase on a regular basis. The association for the Conservation of Energy has estimated that it costs the average family £1,400 a year to heat their home, and many are paying more. There are many ways in which you can make the best possible use of heat in your home, and ensure that you feel warm at all times.

Install an efficient heating system

One way to ensure that your house is kept warm is to have an adequate heating system. Contemporary heating systems can be managed on smart phone, so you’ll never have to return to a cold and icy home again. Wireless thermostats from the Underfloor Heating Store are innovative devices that allow you to control your heat and water when you’re away from home so that you’re not bound by any rigid temperature settings. Most modern boilers are also energy efficient; so if you’re looking for a warm house, that isn’t increasing your carbon footprint, then make sure you invest wisely in a good boiler, or heating system.

Ban all draughts

If you have an older house, it’s often more difficult to keep your home warm as older buildings are prone to draughts. Double-glazing is a wonderful solution, and you won’t have to worry about all the heat from your property escaping outside. Teaching your kids to shut doors behind themselves is also a good way of maximising the heat in your house. The website This is Money suggests that curtains and shutters can also reduce heat loss by 15-17%. A warm room, with closed curtains shutting out the winds and snow of a UK winter, will also make you feel better, just simply by locking out the vagaries of an inclement January or February.

A hot bath will always make you feel good

One of the easiest ways to warm up is to immerse yourself in a long hot bath. Transform your bathroom with candles, put your favourite perfumed bubbles in the water, and you’ll soon find that you’re able to relax and regain your body heat after spending time in the cold. According to the Daily Mail, you’ll also be boosting your immune system and improving your blood flow. Bad circulation often makes people who suffer from this condition feel cold, but if you soak your feet in a warm footbath and then shock your system with a 30 second plunge into cold water; you’ll soon feel revived and warmer.

Warm colours are essential

The colours that you use to decorate your house can have a big effect on the way you feel. Peach, terracotta and cream colours will all give your rooms a feeling of warmth. White might look clean, but unless you complete a room’s décor with brightly coloured rugs and paintings, you may find that the room looks clinical and cold. If you still have an original fireplace with a functioning chimney, then light your fire. Despite the inconvenience and dirt, a room with a glowing fire will always enhance a home, and provide a gathering point for the whole family.