If you’ve ever visited Menorca, you will know firsthand how the island is thriving with culture, history, good food and stunning landscapes.

When travelling to this magnificent island, it’s easy to have an itinerary conjured up, but if you find yourself short of activities to do, take a look at the ones we’ve listed below for maximum fun time with the whole family.

1. Visit Fantastic Restaurants

If you’re on holiday in the beautiful Mediterranean landscape, you’ll no doubt want to sample some of Menorca’s fantastic produce alongside your travels.

Restaurants like Nonna Bazaar are nestled in the countryside just 5 minutes from the city, and boasts a menu bouncing with Mediterranean flavour and a shop where you can take delicious treats away with you.

Enjoy your meal in the light of the Menorcan sunset with friends and family alongside some drinks and a view of the spectacular Menorcan scenery.

2. Half Day Boat Tour

It’s no surprise that a boat tour is on our list. The South coast of Menorca is a stunning sight to behold, with bright blue water and endless horizons.

Take a half day boat trip along the coast with companies like Amigo’s Boat Tours. With stops at picturesque beaches, and you can even enjoy the view with a glass bottomed boat to observe the marine life swimming past!


3. Private Walking Tour of the City

The centre of Ciutadella de Menorca has largely retained a local community feel, which is a rarity in such a tourist hotspot.

A private walking tour of the city will have you feeling like you know the local community intimately with a stroll through the old town.

After your tour, why not take a look at some of the local businesses and drink in the scenery with a glass of wine?

4. Visit the Cathedral

If you’re a fan of visiting old architecture, the cathedral in Ciutadella is guaranteed to make your heart sing.

The cathedral was built on top of a mosque in the traditional Catelan gothic style, with stained glass windows. The cathedral has been rebuilt and remodelled several times due to attacks over its 700 year existence.

Entry is around €7, although if you arrive and join a service, entry is free. Services are conducted in either Spanish or Catalan depending on the time of day.

5. Fun with the Whole Family at the AquaCenter

Located just a 10 minute drive from Ciutadella de Menorca, the AquaCenter theme park is a fantastic fun day out for the whole family.

With attractions including various exciting water slides, a jacuzzi, the park gardens, and water tunnels, this is the perfect place to cool off in the mid-summer heatwave.

Don’t forget to visit the snack bar for a tasty treat in between sessions in the pool!

Do you have any ideas for things to see and do in Ciutadella de Menorca? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!