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Britain is currently facing a tough time at the moment. Gun and knife crime, credit crunch, MP scandals and unemployment has been hitting the headlines for a long time now which has resulted in young people being put in a more vulnerable position than ever.

In these unsteady times everybody’s got questions, concerns and hopes for the future, and this is young Britain’s chance to air them and share them with each other and the people with the power to make things better.

Bebo’s Big Think is giving young people across the UK the opportunity to say what they want for the future, for themselves, for their communities and for the country. It’s a chance to address fears and doubts, to question the future and to start feeling secure.

July will see five young people whose questions and ideas really strike a chord and represent the feelings of their peers will get to put them to the Prime Minister directly alongside 10 other young reporters, campaigners, entrepreneurs, apprentices and ambassadors at 10 Downing Street. The timing of Bebo’s Big Think coincides with the government’s own initiative to get the public involved in ‘Building Britain’s Future’.

Gordon Brown says, ‘Building Britain’s Future is the start of a process to engage with people on the big issues facing our country today. Bebo’s Big Think is a great concept and I am really looking forward to hearing what people have to say.’

The debate which will be broadcasted on Bebo will be hosted by Rick Edward.

The T4 presenter, 29, says, ‘The value of this is pretty clear. If we’re trying to build a better Britain for the future, then the people whose opinions really count, but aren’t often heard, are the young people who are going to be growing up and living in that same future. Choices made now will have a profound effect upon them. So having Gordon Brown’s ear will be a fantastic chance for these young people to shape some of the government’s thinking.’

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Words by Nadifa Sheikhey