Ralph Lauren continues its commitment to sustainability with the launch of The Earth Polo.

Why do we love this…? Each Ralph Lauren Polo shirt is made from 12 plastic bottles and has pledged to recycle more than 170Million plastic bottles by 2025. Whoop!

The shirt is 2 years in the making and began with a deceptively simple concept: Remake the iconic Polo shirt with as little environmental impact as possible while preserving the quality and feel that made it an icon in the first place.

You can read the full story at ralphlauren.co.uk/en/earth-day where you see all the information from concept to end product. It’s a beautiful story and a heartfelt read…

The Earth Polo is available in 7 colours and each colour is achieved via a unique carbon dyeing process that uses no water in the application of the dye and remember, each shirt’s innovative fabric is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles—approximately 12 per shirt—and is also fully recyclable.

Head over to Ralph Lauren now