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Online dating has been the best option for singles to meet new people for quite some time now, going from something seen as kind of a last resort for lonely people in the late 90’s to a fashionable activity for people today.

While online dating has a lot of merits, it isn’t the only option if you are single and live in a city like London, and some of the other options like speed dating can actually be better for some types of people.

Here is why, if you’re in the capital, you might want to consider events like those run by SpeedDater. SpeedDater holds London speed dating events in Soho, Mayfair and Clerkenwell also include speed dating, singles parties, activity singles events and also niche speed dating.

A Good Night Out with SpeedDater

Speed dating has kind of grown-up since it was first conceived of in the early 2000s, and events now tend to be held in pretty nice bars and clubs that you would probably be happy to go on a night out at anyway. Unlike sitting at home browsing and chatting online, you get to get dressed up, check out a new nightspot, and enjoy some nice cocktails or other drinks as you look out for potentially interesting people. If you are an extrovert or you are simply in need of a nice night out, this can be far more appealing than doing the whole bit that comes before a one on one date somewhere on your laptop.

Get a Real Sense of the Dating Pool – And the Competition!

When you are online dating, it is very difficult to get a real sense of how the dating pool suitable for your looks. Is it really hard to find a nice professional woman in her early thirties with no kids, or are there millions of them? Just how rare is what you are looking for, and how much should you be willing to compromise or lower your standards? At a speed dating event targeted towards your age group or the kind of people you want to meet, you’ll get to see what a part of your dating pool actually looks like all together in one room. Equally, you’ll get to see the competition. Do you imagine all the guys you are talking to online are also talking to several witty supermodels? Well, here you can see for sure the type of people who are also looking for dates in your target market. You can be far, far better informed.

More Quality Time

It is easy to go online when you’re bored and chat to people, not so easy to book a ticket at an event, get dressed up and turn up there. This means that all the people at a speed dating event are at least to some degree committed to meeting people. Online, some people are simply ‘seeing what’s out there’, and aren’t that bothered about really getting into a relationship or dating regularly. These can feel like time wasters when you are keen to have real dates with some potential match, and with speed dating, you won’t meet many of them, except perhaps the odd person dragged along by a friend, before you attempt online dating, learn more information then apply it to your dating life to see the fruit.

Speed dating can be a really fun way to meet potential dates that offers an exciting adventure, so why not give it a go?

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