Brace yourselves for “proper mad” fun as irrepressible South London geeza Lee “Nelsy” Nelson fronts his Well Good Show. Check him out here trying his luck with the ladies with Radio One DJ legend Westwood.

In his show Nelsy, the creation of critically-acclaimed character comedian Simon Brodkin, gets in among the excitable studio audience in this brand new show, entertaining them with cheeky banter and all manner of daft games, ably assisted by his best mate, and “fat legend”, Omelette.

Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show unleashes tales of mischief-making, dubious life lessons and general scallywaggery.

You can watch the first 3 episodes in full and find out more about Lee Nelson and Simon’s other characters on the BBC website.

The next episode is episode 4, this Thursday at 10.30pm. And will be on every Thursday on BBC3 for next 2 weeks.



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