If you are musically talented, looking for a new challenge or even thinking about upgrading an instrument that you already have, then this article might point you in the right direction.

Playing an instrument as a musician or relaxing after a long day at work can often take you to somewhere special. Whether you have pictured yourself performing at a festival like Glastonbury, entertaining at the Royal Albert Hall or you would just like to pick up a new hobby, then knowing where to look for the right instrument is important.

Weigh up your choices

Choosing any instrument is always the hardest part. Strings, percussion, woodwinds and brass are the main four groups, but then there is the piano. Although not necessarily a stalwart of an orchestra, the piano has long featured in classical pieces of work.

If you are not sure about pianos, it is recommended that you try out the keys to determine whether you prefer a soft or loud tone. Some models require a lot of space, varying in sizes anywhere between five and nine feet – while upright models are more space-efficient.

Consider a pre-owned instrument

Ex-demo and pre-owned models are the perfect ‘in’ for someone who has never sat down with an instrument like the piano before. You can often find pre-loved models in superb condition, ideal for those at a beginner’s level or even those that are looking to save a bit of money this Christmas.

Find the right model

For all those virtuosos out there, you may struggle when it comes to perusing the top piano manufacturers, especially when you factor in that the majority of modern pianos can be customised to your exacting requirements. From Bechstein to Zimmermann and from grand and upright to Disklavier and digital, there are thousands of unique combinations to consider.

Have some fun

Finding the right instrument for you can be difficult, but you shouldn’t let it get in the way of you having some fun over the Christmas period. The Christmas Guide for piano lovers by Coach House Pianos was designed with this in mind. You can find all things novelty to buy for yourself or others and not necessarily just for Christmas. The gifts are ideal for anyone musically-minded, with a particular favourite being the piano tie. Each time you press a different key on the tie, it plays a note – one for the first-time piano players who want to learn on a much smaller scale.

The gifts differ from t-shirts with a variety of images, such as the composer Johann Sebastian Bach superimposed as The Terminator with a play on the movie character’s famous catchphrase, to a piano-shaped toilet seat. But the best gift of all? The potty piano. You can tinkle the ivories when you are sat on the toilet – perfect for anybody yet to find their true musical calling!