Everywhere I go people are always asking me how do I do it? Where do I get my funds from and how do I make travelling look so good? The answer, to be quite frank, is to give less f***s. Go with the flow and just enjoy every moment.

Don’t be afraid

What does that even mean? When travelling on your own sometimes the hardest thing to let go of are your doubts. As soon as you have them, then you become afraid of taking chances and of course of missing out. What you need to do is just listen to your heart and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Be free

It’s hard to let go. But the best feeling in the world as a traveller is the ability to feel free, and when you are free you can do anything. Go with the flow, your travels will be so much better if you don’t plan anything and let the wind take you into the right direction.

Immerse yourself in the unknown

Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming when you enter a new country. Whether you are in a culture shock, or perhaps you have been alone for too long. To fully enjoy a city or a country you must immerse yourself into the unknown, into the culture. So easily do we befriend other travellers and forget to even chat to the locals. But as soon as you do it, you will experience a lifestyle you never thought you would have.

Accept the things you cannot change

Shit is going to happen. Whether you get robed, someone steals your belongings or you get lost. These things are enviable, but they have happened. There is no point in being angry or getting hurt over something that happened whilst travelling. Let it go and accept it.

Let go of your expectations

We all have expectations of what we think our holiday should be like. But it’s the moments where we don’t have any expectations that ended up blowing us away, making the experience even more beautiful and intense/