We were waiting for it to happen, but perhaps not this way. TLC have re-released their classic hit ‘Waterfalls’ without the late Lisa ‘Left’ Lopes. The group’s remaining members, T-Boz and Chilli, are instead joined on the updated version by Japanese pop singer, Namie Amuro, who replaces Lopes. The pair have released the new version in Japan to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

‘Waterfalls’ currently stands as TLC’s most successful single, peaking at number four in the UK charts. As of recently, it was covered by girl-group StooShe. T-Boz and Chilli, have also confirmed plans for a reunion show in the US. Lisa ‘Left’ Lopes was tragically killed in a car crash in Honduras in 2002.

Listen to a preview of ‘Waterfalls’ below – and let us know your thoughts!