To win whatever it takes! This motto nowadays is frequently used by the cartoon-making studios, and there is no wonder in that. This is one of the most important principles of the happy existence – never give up, never surrender, keep on fighting for your dream. The company DreamWorks created an ode to this principle, showing on a touching and funny example, how mighty can a big dream of the smallest creature turn out to be. So, here is the new masterpiece of kindness and bravery from DreamWorks Pictures, a radiant and gorgeous cartoon Turbo.

The Turbo tells a life story of a small yet tremendous snail, who kept in his tiny shell a gigantic dream, the power of which was enough to overcome the rules of nature.  His name is Theo, and Turbo is a nickname he chose, trying in every way to be closer to his reckless dream of becoming fast. It must sound ridiculous, and it should sound so. A fast snail, a trick of nature, a fruit of someone’s crazy fantasy, but here he is, in his glorious dedication and loyalty to his dream, faster than any race car.  Since we were little children, we knew that snails are ones of the slowest creatures on Earth. But Turbo paid less than no attention to the prejudices he faced, because he dreamed of racing, he dreamed of becoming a winner and indeed, the power of his dream made him so fast that he could not believe it himself. Evidently, a miracle took place, and even as the Turbo trailer demonstrates, Turbo nearly died under the wheels of a racing car to acquire some supernatural powers of unimaginable speed. Despite the difficulties, he overcame his fears and doubts, defeated every trouble with a little help from his loyal friends, he made it to the race and he made it to its finish.

If you wish for something so desperately you are willing to give your life for the sake of it, if you give your heart and your soul to that, if your dedication is as profound as you desire, your dream will eventually come true, one way or another.

In fact, the Turbo story is not about racing, snails, or something just as concrete as these things. Turbo’s impossible, reckless, yet material dream of being fast is a metaphor for every single dreamer in the world, who is uncertain of his powers, who is afraid or not dedicated enough to achieve his dream. Turbo is a story of inconceivable triumph, unrestricted friendship, untainted devotion, implausible keenness and, of course, the force of character. Regardless of how many times you fail, how many times you become a laughing stock, how many times it you seem to give up in yet another desperate attempt. As long as you have faith in yourself, a couple of loyal friends, who are by your side every time you fall or succeed and a dream, which keeps you standing, you have hope. Turbo took an insane try. He carried inside of his tiny snaily soul a dream so overwhelming and overpowering, that it transformed his body and soul, but eventually led him to hapiness. And his example helps us on holding on whatever happens, because our dream can give us power to make some great, though completely impossible things possible.