The second instalment of the ‘Love’ EP released last December, ‘Lxve 2.0’ portrays a more intimate kind of love, introducing us to a new side of To1Swerve.

Recorded at Tacet Studios with Prince Galilee, the four-track EP was released on the 10th April 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic which has given To1Swerve inspiration for a further sequel to this story.

Classifying his music within its own genre, To1Swerve says he makes Swagg Surfing music which is reflective of how he is not stuck in just one genre. His stage name Swerve also reflects this as it was given to him as a nickname in reference to how he skips in and out of genres and styles. Gaining notoriety in the London scene with his unique sound, To1Swerve is pushing his brand forward with his new release.

‘Lxve 2.0’ is now available on all major platforms.