Toddla T aka Thomas Mackenzie dj and producer has been an influential name in the UK music scene bringing high end production in a plethora of genres from; hip-hop, to dub-step and grime (to name but a few).

As if to prove his innate understanding of music per se Toddla steps up with a mix-tape, England Be Wise where he delves, ostensibly into a dub ska sound complete with bass that makes your ears bleed profusely while offering smatterings of grime and drum n bass covers of sorts from names like Skepta, Krept n Konan and a personal favourite the jungle classic The Burial, Leviticus.

It’s a mix-tape that vies for your attention from the start and then keeps your attention while Jamaican sounds clash with UK vibes. The mix-tape features a new-ish talent in the shape of Protoje (who has an album called Ancient Future dropping on the 10th March). In many ways Toddla champions Proteje and that is a great to see.

The project is at its core an old fashioned project where two artists have joined up because of a mutual appreciation for each other’s craft rather than some stats driven look at the individual’s social media stats.