sarah jessica parker

Hollywood movies have always provided fashion inspiration for people, mainly thanks to super-stylish characters like these ones.

1. Carrie Bradshaw

The New York-based writer played by Sarah Jessica Parker in 2008’s Sex and the City represents the definition of movie character as style icon. Her immaculate outfits from the likes of Prada, Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik made her aspirational to women.

2. Ari Cohen

The sharp-tongued Hollywood agent Ari Cohen, played by Jeremy Piven, in 2015 film Entourage wears a blend of European suits and American preppy casual wear. It is a unique look and equally aspirational for men.

3. Sebastian Valmont

The seducer played by Ryan Phillipe in 1999’s Cruel Intentions has to be dressed to kill and he is, in shades, sharp suit-jacket, trousers and t-shirt. It was the perfect blend of smart and callow.

4. Mookie

Played by director Spike Lee in his cutting-edge 1989 movie Do the Right Thing, Mookie wore sports shirt and shorts in ultra-baggy sizes, which was a hip look among young working class men in New York at that time. It still looks good to this day as well.

5. James Bond

The Timothy Dalton era of Bond brought some regrettable clothing choices, but there is no faulting the dark blue chalk striped double breasted suit in 1987’s The Living Daylights – which suited his more reserved characterisation of the character. Whether in a posh casino or simply on his phone enjoying a game of slots or pokies as it is known on sites like from the comfort of his hotel room, Bond will always look great.


6. Andy Sachs

When she becomes assistant to fashion boss Miranda Priestly in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada, Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) is given a vaguely 60s-inspired makeover in white coat with belt, over the knee boots and white cap, to show her transition to this world.

7. Patrick Bateman

You wouldn’t want to meet Christian Bale’s murderous yuppie from the 1999 film American Psycho, but he makes an impression in perfectly cut pinstripe suit. It fits the character’s vanity and self-obsession.

8. Jacob

Another ultra-stylish male character was the pickup artist Jacob, played by Ryan Gosling, in 2011 comedy Crazy Stupid Love. He sports tailored suits and cashmere casual wear, indicating that he is someone who holds and values status.

9. Cher Horowitz

The fashion-obsessed valley girl in the 1995 comedy Clueless was played by Alicia Silverstone and she was appropriately immaculate throughout. Her style – including knee socks and A-line miniskirts – was much copied.


10. Zoolander

Ben Stiller played male model Zoolander in this comedy from 2001 and sported outfits like a snakeskin suit with matching bag and luggage. This spoofed the ridiculousness of high fashion, and will no doubt be just as mad in the sequel.

We should all mark the release of Zoolander 2 by making ourselves over in fashion-conscious style.