Had a wonderful date? Went to bed convinced he might be “The One” but then he never called again. Why why WHY??? You want to know cause this keeps happening!!

Don’t worry here are the answers simply laid out.

1) You drank too much. What started off as cheeky banter turned into vulgar ranting. Maybe he drank a lot also and woke with a steaming hangover so memories of you kinda suck!

2) You were boring, yes harsh it sounds but sometimes we can forget we are not with the girls.  We can’t just rabbit on about shoes and mascara and expect our date to stay engaged.  The best thing to do should the convo run dry is ask an interesting question, maybe about where your date grew up or favourite places to spend time. Keep it light yet engaging and somewhere you can find common ground.

3) You put it on a plate…. Yep you might have heard some rumours that sex on a first date was back in fashion, but this has been cooked up by the boys of Tinder.  This is the fastest sure fire way of losing a guys interest, no matter how good the narni is, give it up quick and you’ve peeked too soon.

4) You were too sexy. Maybe you didn’t actually sleep with him but you sure were looking HOT but maybe too hot to handle. Can he imagine taking you home to mummy or introducing you to his friends without you sleeping with them all? Rule of thumb, breast or thigh….this isn’t KFC you can’t have both. Only show one asset at a time, showing of your whole postcode can get pretty ugly.

5) You were too intense. You wanted to know everything about him and tell him everything about you, before the starters even arrived. Take your time getting to know him, let him be intrigued and want to know more on the second and third dates. Do not show him until he’s already hooked that you’re an emotional wreck! This isn’t cards on the table time. Do not tell him about your horrible cheating ex or childhood sob stories.

6) You have no manors, maybe you showed up late, were rude to the waiter, kept checking your phone, kept interrupting him. Either way this can be a real deal breaker for most people. Be a lady, remember this is your representative until at least month 3.

7) Lack of confidence. You are amazing! remember that! don’t put yourself down or give an impression that you’re not good enough. Even if you think this guy is out of your league remember you are a goodess, you hold the key to what he wants.  One whif of self doubt and he’ll start doubting why he’s with you.

8) You stunk of desperation.  You laughed at all his jokes, agreed with everything he said, text him after to thank him for the wonderful date.  No one wants to date a try hard and we all know men like a chase.  No matter what ideas creep into your head that it’s equal libs these days, it’s not.  Be a lady and let him do the chasing, don’t let him think he’s your last shoot at love.

9) There was just no chemistry.  It’s a three little bears sineario, although you want to leave something to the imagination you also want to show off your womanly curves and make him druel, just enough. Bold colours are always good for dates and a few well placed touches on the arm or leg will give him just enough tingles to keep him wanting more. Also try picking somewhere busy for your date so you have to lean in close to hear eachother.

10) He lost your number…..we all have to believe this one sometimes.

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