date night movies

Going to movies is a classic way to spend a perfect date. You just relax, grab some popcorn, and maybe move to the back row for more intimacy.

But going to the movies is not the only option you can have. You could spend a perfect date while preparing a delicious meal together and watching some movies. But this could be quite a bomber because people usually have different interests, and unless you have the same taste in cinema, you won’t be able to find a perfect film to watch together on a first date. For example, if you like chick flicks, and he is an action comedy fan, then you will need to root for something different this time.  Something that will bring you together and become common ground. It could be a film that you both would want to watch or film that both of you hate.  So here are 3 top movies you could watch together on a date night if you have different tastes or if you just struggle to find a good movie. This list was brought to you by our good friends – A Russian Dating site #1:

Movie 1 – La La Land

What is so good about this movie that draws the attention of viewers even though it has been 2 years since it got to cinemas? Well, it is a good combination of good-natured humour, delightful music, splendid visuals, and romance. But this is not the kind of romance you want to see unless you are having an emotional breakdown.  It is not mushy, or either too emotional. Although some people might cry. It has a good concentration of love, understanding or misunderstanding, mutual problems, self-definition, the struggle between career and love, taking advantage of others credits, and even more music. Even if you are not fond of musicals with lots of dancing and moving and artificial emotions, it is still good, and it will be appreciated by people who don’t laugh this theatrical acting. Besides, this film has huge potential, making references to different classical movies. It is about two struggling artists who just want to be famous and do what they want to do. But then love gets them to the way, so they have to choose their priorities. It is very interesting to see the main characters evolving throughout the film. It also has a good pinch of drama and tears. And some more music.

Movie 2 – Jigsaw

Wait, what is weird turn we’ve taken? We were just talking about films that both of us will like; this is nothing we would like because it’s a horror movie and a very old one. Let me explain my point, lots of people choose horror films to watch on their dates just because it gets them rid of excessive emotions, blocked by the fear, blood, and human intestines. Besides, have you ever noticed how horror films kind of bring you together? It doesn’t really matter whether you sit with your significant other or a bunch of friends – it is a perfect movie when both of you can just relax and watch something not very complicated but at the same time very strong and intense. Besides that, if you are scare-cat, you could just cuddle in bed or make each other comfortable. This option would not work with people who are impressed too easily or have some kind of anxiety. Then, comedies and documentaries would be a better option.

Movie 3 – Black Mirror Bandersnatch

This is a new one. Even if you don’t have Netflix, or you have never watched Black Mirror, you will have to get a free trial in order to watch it together. It is an experimental interactive film with multiple endings. It’s just like a visual novel, or you will have to choose what comes next. It goes around 3 hours, and it is quite an experience, so you could grab your coffee, some popcorn and just immerse into the world of unsolved mystery.