Image via IG Kylie Jenner

The art of styling hair is primordial. In different cultures, women and men use hairstyles to show their marital status and look beautiful. Throughout history, hairstyling trends and fashions became popular with the influence of the elite class.

However, after the invention of digital media, these trends are now formed and regulated by celebrities and social media influencers.

Celebrities put great effort and time into creating these stunning looks. Many of them have developed their signature looks, and fans adore them. And in hopes of looking like the celebrities they follow, fans and followers devotedly take inspiration from them.

Let’s have a look at the top 4 celebrity hairstyles.

Ariana Grande’s Medium-High Ponytail

Ariana Grande is known for her high ponytail with side-swept hair. Recently, she altered her iconic hairdo and turned it into a much simpler-looking high ponytail with a sheer middle part. The flip-out hair-ends give a 60s’ vibe.

Image via IG arianagrande

This slight change in her hairstyle has received a positive response from her fans, partially because it is easy to achieve and suits every face shape.

One can easily recreate this hairstyle with a hair gel and a hair straightener. The secret of Ariana’s voluminous hair is a combination of clip-in and tape in extensions.

Camila Cabello’s Extra-Long Wavy Hair

Camila Cabello has opted for an extra-long hair look. She looks divine in her concerts, as she styles her hair in a crusty wave to give it texture. Her new hair decision has left many wonderstruck.

Image via IG camila_cabello

This hair look has been a smash hit among celebrities after Kim Kardashian started the trend. You can achieve this look by adding extensions to your hair or growing your hair long. To get the crusty hair look, use a three-barrel curling iron wand.

Kylie Jenner’s Long Braids

The Kardashians have redefined fashion through their genius on-point looks. Kylie Jenner wore two long braids in a ponytail with her sleek hair swept backward. She chose to ditch parts and add gelled baby hair to her forehead to make the hairstyle modish.

Image via IG Kylie Jenner

You may be able to recreate this look by adding a glossy hair serum and gel to the baby’s hair. Once done making a ponytail, braid the hair in two parts. Make the braids till you reach the very ends of your hair.

Zoe Kravitz’s Short Side Swept Bangs

Zoe Kravitz has worn her hair in many styles, and she rocks every one of them. The recent short side-swept bangs that she wore in a tight bun remind her admirers of Audrey Hepburn. These ’50s Hepburn-inspired bangs suit the angular shape of the actress.

Image via IG – zoeisabellakravitz

You can easily recreate this hairstyle by getting your bangs cut by a salon. Styling bangs can be tricky as they are short and so to style them perfectly, you need to get them styled the first time from a salon so you can pick up on style techniques to style them as you desire.

The rest of the hairstyle is a simple side-parted bun, which you can master with practice.