Meantime Brewing’s Brewmaster Ciaran Giblin

The bustling city of London is home to some of the oldest and most vibrant drinking establishments in the UK. Meantime’s Brew Master Ciaran Giblin guides us through his top five craft beer pubs to celebrate National Beer Day in the City of London.

Ciaran graduated from the only British university that offers a degree in brewing and distilling in the UK, the Edinburgh-based Heriot-Watt. Following a two year stint as Sainsbury’s beer and spirit technologist and six years at Fuller’s in London, he moved to Meantime in 2011 and is now its Brew Master.

His experimental nature has seen him lead on Meantime’s Pilot Series, which creates exciting small-batch beers brewed in unique styles and flavours; there have been 21 beers created in the Pilot Brewery so far, including hazelnut, pomegranate and chilli beer to name a few. His hunger for innovation saw him become the first brewer in history to brew a beer dictated by his own DNA – using cutting edge genetic profiling to map personal propensity to specific flavours.

So here is Ciaran’s top 5 craft beer pubs in the City of London

1. Tank and Paddle, Mincing Lane

Prepare for epic handmade pizzas, mac ‘n’ cheese with a twist and of course a variety of craft beers, including Meantime’s Brewery Fresh Lager, served directly from the tank – a crisp, fresh pint to pair with your slice! Tank and Paddle regularly mix up their craft beer offering with seasonal specials and different guest beers – I’d recommend popping in most weeks to make sure you don’t miss the latest beer on tap.

Pint from £5.00. Minster Court, 3 Mincing Lane, London EC3R 7AA  020 7929 8399

2. The Pelt Trader, Dowgate Hill

With more than 16 beers on tap from some of the best breweries in the UK and abroad, The Pelt Trader offers some of the most interesting beers in the City at fair prices. With the beers changing every few weeks, you’re sure to find a pint suit your liking, whether it’s a hoppy Pale Ale or a crisp German Pilsner. There’s also a fine range of pizzas for you to dig into, alongside the cracking beer selection.

Pint from £3.60. Dowgate Hill, London EC4N 6AP  020 7160 0253

3. The Hydrant, Monument Street

The Hydrant has a real thirst for bringing its customers the finest drinks in the city, serving beverages from all around the world, including the best brews the UK has to offer. 50 craft beers are on offer at the pub in total, with a whopping 15 beers available on draft. With Lagers, Porters, Pale Ales, Amber Ales, Wheats and Weissbiers on the menu, it’s enough to keep any craft beer lover satisfied on a visit to the city.

Pint from £5.50. Equitable House, 1 Monument St, London EC3R 8BG 020 7623 5446

4. The Arbitrager, Throgmorton Street

The Arbitrager is unique in the fact that it only serves beers brewed in London. The beers are poured from 12 taps, and are served in thirds, making it the perfect spot to try out a wide range of locally brewed modern beers from breweries including One Mile End, Redemption and Meantime. The Arbitrager only buy in small quantities of each beer, so their selection is always changing. With such an extensive variety on offer, be sure to fill up your growler and continue the craft beer experience at home.

Pint from £3.90. 27 Throgmorton St, London EC2N 2AN 020 7374 6887

5. The Old Red Cow, Long Lane

With one of the largest selections of craft beer in London, The Old Red Cow has a range of beers on offer that will excite your palate. They have a true passion for the liquid that has been the backbone of Britain for centuries, with a range including Stouts, Porters, Pale Ales, Lagers and many more – all great accompaniments to their tasty Sunday Roasts. The Old Red Cow celebrate craft breweries both in Britain and from around the world, carefully matching the beers to their food offering to highlight the range of flavours beer has to offer.

Pint from £3.50. 71 Long Lane, London EC1A 9EJ 020 7726 2595

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