Breast Augmentation

What do you know about breast augmentation? Most people would correctly guess that breast augmentation or a boob job, is when a woman has implants surgically inserted into her chest to increase her breast and cup size.

While it’s easy to throw away this cosmetic procedure as a vanity exercise, the reasoning behind breast augmentation – and its popularity – is much more complex.

Choosing to have a boob job is a highly personal and sensitive issue that doesn’t always have its reasoning rooted in vanity or sex. However – those are also perfectly acceptable reasons to undergo breast augmentation, you can find out more about a boob job London, by clicking the link.

There are a variety of reasons why women of all ages and backgrounds choose to undergo breast augmentation, and just how every patient is unique, so is their story and their decision to go ahead with this sophisticated procedure. When you’re in the safe hands of a fully registered, accredited and highly trained cosmetic surgeon, women can achieve incredible results from this utterly transformative procedure, not only changing the way they look but the way they see themselves. In this post, we’ll explore the top 5 reasons why women choose breast augmentation. Read on to find out more.  

Post Pregnancy

The human body is incredible, but many women feel dissatisfied with the volume and shape of their breasts after having children and breastfeeding. Going through changes within pregnancy and nursing children for months or even years after giving birth, the loss of breast volume can feel frustrating and leave new mothers feeling a little less confident than before. Breast augmentation is a great solution to restoring breast volume and reshaping the breasts to their post-pregnancy shape.

Weight Loss

When a woman has worked incredibly hard to lose weight, sometimes the end result can leave her with saggy or smaller breasts than she had before. For some women, this can feel a little disheartening after all their hard work to reduce their weight. Breast augmentation is the perfect solution here, as high-quality implants can restore the shape and fullness that she may have lost post-weight loss.

Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation isn’t just for the young! More middle-aged and older women than ever before are undergoing breast augmentation as a way to combat sagging or deflated breasts. A boob job will restore the shape and create a more lifted, fuller appearance, which in turn implies youth and creates a stunning silhouette.

A Confidence Boost

Women who’ve always had smaller breasts may struggle with self-image. Smaller breasts can sometimes leave women feeling self-conscious or even unattractive. In some cases, breast augmentation is the perfect solution. With larger breasts boosting their confidence, helping them feel more feminine and injecting a little excitement into the bedroom!


For women who have undergone intensive and painful mastectomy procedures as part of their breast cancer treatment, breast augmentation and restructuring the chest with high-quality implants can make them feel more feminine and more like themselves post-illness.

Final Thoughts…

Do these reasons surprise you? Would you ever consider breast augmentation?