moving home

Let’s face it, we are probably likely to move house several times during our student years due to all sorts of reasons.

Such as: Upgrading from a room in Student Halls to a shared house, falling out with our housemates (it doesn’t just happen in Big Brother), falling in love, falling out of love, the landlord wants you out – to list just a few.

So we’ve put together this list of Top 7 Tips to make it easier for students to move house.

No. 1  Start planning your move as early as possible

We recommend at least one month ahead of moving day.  Write a list of all the things you need to do. Don’t worry if your list looks long, just tick of things as you complete them. You’ll feel great each time you do.

No. 2  Get rid of unwanted/unused stuff

We all have stuff we don’t use: clothes at the back of the wardrobe, unread books, clutter that seems to grow all by itself.  Why transport this useless stuff to your new home just to create more clutter? Get rid of it by donating it to charity (There are charities happy to collect from your home) or chuck it in the recycling bin. Or you could leave a box of unwanted stuff outside your home attached with a “PLEASE HELP YOURSELF” label… you’ll be amazed by how quickly it all disappears.

No. 3  Ask family and friends to help you on the day

As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work” (apologies for sounding like your mum).  Do you know anyone with a vehicle? Ask them if they’ll be available to help.  Asking them a month ahead is better than asking the night before!

No. 4  Look into Removal Services

If none of your family and friends with vehicles is available to help, then it is worth looking into professional removal services.  An entire industry has built up around the demand for cheap removal services that are very popular with students.  There are also ones such as Man and Van in Cardiff (available nationwide) which can be booked up to 60 minutes prior to your move! Removal companies can also provide boxes for your items as well as peace of mind – check that they are insured against damages.

No. 5  Cancel your subscriptions to services

Let the service providers know in advance that you are moving out – you really do not want to be billed for services you stopped using months ago.  Or even worse: receive a summons to attend the Small Claims Court, aargh!!

No. 6  Clean the house before you leave

This gives you a chance to see whether you have left anything behind. You don’t want the new tenants to find any of your embarrassing “memorabilia”.  And you may even get some of your deposit back!

No. 7  Inform all important parties such as the bank of your change of address

You most certainly don’t want the new tenants looking at your bank statements! Also tell your college/university, doctor’s surgery etc.

So follow these tips in order to take the stress out of moving and enjoy your new home!