lace vintage dress

Not everyone is fond of incorporating the latest fashion trends into their wardrobes and lives.

They would rather choose to blend in their personal elements of creativity for achieving a trend-neutral, unconventional look. Elegant pieces of vintage clothing can be skilfully used with the right accompaniments for presenting a sizzling retro look!

Rediscovering the bygone eras of fashion

Opting for the retro look is indeed a wonderful way of revisiting the past and unraveling the beauty secrets of those enigmatic fashion icons belonging to the yester-years! The term ‘vintage clothing’ happens to be quite broad since it includes several decades of apparel which were created prior to the 1990s.

Flip through the pages of old journals for catching glimpses of the styles which dominated the different decades. Starting with the fabulous styles of the 1960s to the vibrant tones of the 1990s, check out the distinct features of each era in order to shortlist the sources of inspiration for your retro look.

Try mix-n-match for a timeless appeal

Before making new additions to your wardrobe, you can explore the top-notch retro outfits at and leading retailers. However for sporting a retro look, there is no need to dump your closet with stacks of vintage apparel! Mix-n-match is the keyword here. Why not create your own style statement by incorporating a classy vintage item of clothing into your ensemble? For instance if you are wearing skinny jeans with a trendy crop top, try giving your outfit a classic twist by putting on a retro style denim jacket.

Mix-n-match is the best method of striking a balance between those trendy items of your wardrobe and your treasured vintage assets. You might also consider blending the elements of the different eras of fashion for a truly unique appeal. Let your imagination run wild. Experiment with the colour palettes, textiles, designs and cuts for creating timeless elegance!

Ensure that the dress fits you well

Unless you pay due attention to the fittings of your vintage clothes at the time of purchase, you will have to keep chasing seamstresses for alterations every now and then.  If your gorgeous retro outfit is too snug or too loose for comfort, you will be dying to come back home and get out of it! There is perhaps no better way of dampening your spirits than with an ill-fitted piece of clothing! Finding the right fit is most important.  If any dress requires minor alterations, then get it done immediately without waiting for the eleventh hour.

Jewelry for adding the right proportion of bling

Depicting the right pieces of jewelry is extremely essential for rounding off your retro look.  Each era of fashion is marked by a certain degree of eccentricity – be it in terms of outfits, footwear, hairstyles or jewelry. Think of the knotted pearls which ruled the 1920s, the beads and bracelets of the 1970s or the chunky bangles of the 80’s. Depending on the era of your choice, select the perfect jewelry for enhancing your glam quotient by multiple times! Invest in some charming retro lockets and colourful bracelets to brighten up any vintage outfit.

Accessorising your way to perfection

Accessorising well is the ultimate key to achieving a smashing retro look that would surely turn heads wherever you go. From footwear to handbags, hats, scarves and shades, a real diva simply cannot afford to compromise on any of these factors. Revive the cool quotient of the 1970’s with a panama hat while you are basking in the sun at the beach.

Spice up an ordinary dress with a pretty scarf with intricate embroidery or bright polka dots. Scarves with floral motifs look sublime and feminine, especially during the months of spring and summer. The retro look certainly calls for some cute bows, ribbons and funky headbands! Vintage purses, brooches, colourful belts and oversized sunglasses are undoubtedly the best shortcuts for reviving those yester-years.

Going for your treasure hunt with an open mind

Shopping sessions for vintage apparel are always packed with great fun and suspense, because you never know where and when you would hit the bull’s eye. So keeping yourself restricted to a handful of regular stores, would automatically reduce your chances of coming across some really fascinating stuff.

From vintage boutiques to market sales, thrift stores, your grandma’s closet to exhibitions, do not hesitate to explore every nook and corner in order to spot those extraordinary pieces of clothing for a ravishing retro look!

Revving up your look with a stunning hairstyles and make-up

Can your retro look ever be complete without those long fluttering eyelashes, soft curls and saucy lips? Whether you are heading for theme party at your friend’s place or a swing dance at the nightclub, your hairstyle and make-up should be flattering enough to complement your attire.

Add flowers or hair ornaments with a ballerina bun or victory rolls for a flirty feel. Bold, dramatic eyes would perfectly fit the bill. Use a concealer for camouflaging the dark circles and blemishes. A hint of colourless lip gloss over your lipstick can give you that irresistible pout. Try putting on a pair of gloves and seamed stockings for an authentic retro look.

Bringing your best assets to the forefront

While planning out your retro look, thoughtfully depict items for highlighting your best assets and concealing the flaws. No-one is born perfect. Instead of fretting over your height or your waistline, focus on your plus points and magnify your charm by selecting the right kind of clothes. You can try vertical stripes for creating an illusion of length. Plus-sized ladies look good in bold, darker shades and should opt for tiny, delicate prints instead of the larger ones.