A sense of anticipation fills the air as the gentle warmth of spring begins to thaw the remnant of winter’s chill.

After being cooped up indoors by the feisty winter, this season offers a chance to rejuvenate your spirits. So, rather than play online casino, which you probably did all winter, you can celebrate this blooming season in style. This is a chance to be surrounded by old and new friends while you dive into diverse activities filled with laughter, music, and colors.

If you are out for fun but don’t intend to break the bank, you’re welcome. We’ve got a couple of activities that you can try. These activities are tailored for the frugal fun-seekers; so, enjoy the ride. As we embark on a journey through the top spring festivals where joy has no price tag, sit tight.

Cost-Effective Spring Festivals For You and Your Friends

Across the globe, tons of festivals happen in the spring. So, each country has one that makes it famous. Therefore, if you reside within the geography or are on a visit, they are a must-experience. Let’s take a look at some interesting options.

Holi Festival

This is quite popular in India and is also referred to as the festival of colors. It is used to mark the beginning of spring and the exit of the extreme winter. Therefore, every color represents a different aspect of life and the various emotions it wrought in humans. This celebration brings different people together for a unified purpose. All you need to buy are some water guns and colorful powders.

  • Yellow: It’s the color of turmeric, a natural remedy for the skin that signifies the color of spring and blossoming of flowers.
  • Purple: It is often associated with mystery, magic, and the spiritual aspect of the celebration.
  • Green: The color is associated with nature and new beginnings.
  • Red: Symbolizes fertility and love; as well as the energy of life and color of passion.
  • Blue: Associated with the Hindu god Krishna, who has blue skin. It portrays determination, calmness, and bravery.
  • Pink: It implies happiness and life and is associated with the joyful and playful nature of the celebration.

Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival

This is an enchanting one that many people have heard one or two things about. It is celebrated in Japan and has people throwing picnics and hanami (watching flowers) under cherry trees. It is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. So, if you happen to find yourself in Japan during the spring, you and your friends can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of blooming trees. 

Places to enjoy this are Maruoka Castle Garden, Ueno Park, Izu Highland, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, and Hirosaki Park, to mention a few. All you need is something to sit on and a bunch of goodies to munch on with friends. Then you can have fun and connect with your old friends. It is also an avenue to make new friends.

Songkran Festival

It is more like a welcoming occasion. Hence, people bring food to the local monks and bathe Buddha statues in water. The younger ones pour scented water on the hands of the elders. They do this to attract prosperity and luck.

However, it has evolved to a lot more these days. It has included the tradition of having massive water fights where people splash water on one another. So, if you happen to be here at this time, participate. Also, be sure to carry a squirt gun to fight back when anyone splashes water on you.


This festival is a speciality of Spain. It combines satire, tradition, and art to celebrate the arrival of spring. Many people come out to the streets to join the parade and burn fallas. These days, it has become a huge celebration with costumes, delicious food, and music. It is usually a colorful and beautiful experience and one you don’t want to miss. 

Portland Rose Festival

It is an annual festivity that has been celebrated for one hundred and fifteen years. It fills the calendar with tons of activities from parades, fireworks, art shows, concerts, carnival rides, flower shows, and many more. In short, it is a fiasco of fun that celebrates the city’s beauty, culture, community spirit, and the new season.

Cheers to a New Beginning!

Celebrating in style is the best way to begin a new season. It involves starting on a new page and giving room for all the positive energy to come in after the harsh winter. The best part is that you get to celebrate with friends and family. There are more festivals around that cost less than nothing that you can attend. Have fun experiencing them.