charles_gordonSouth London born multi-millionaire, Charles Gordon offers ten tips on how to succeed in business. Future millionaires take note.

1. Create a plan

Find out your objectives and work out how to get there by the shortest route, this is how you work smart instead of hard.

2. Be resourceful

Thanks to technology it is now easier to set up a business without much start-up capital. The Internet, phones, tweeting and libraries were designed to help us reach our goals.

3. Always look for the solution

The biggest obstacle in your life is you, instead of focusing on the problems focus on the solutions.

4. Be Confident

Business is all about getting others to do things your way, and people gravitate towards confident people.

5. Create a ‘TO DO’ list

One of the major keys to my success is I always write a things to do list. This is a great tool for prioritizing and monitoring your progress on a daily and weekly basis.

6. Make sacrifices

The true sacrifice in business is getting out your comfort zone: in order to progress you have to set higher challenges for yourself.

7. Don’t waste time

Life is too short to dwell on the past or procrastinate, instead spend every hour of every day translating your dreams into reality.

8. Self-belief

Once you master the art of believing in yourself, that’s when things really start to happen. Every great man or woman understands this principle.

9. Tweak the process

My philosophy for life has always been that every time I am getting it wrong; I am only one step away from getting it right. The best thing you can do to gain success is to turn every stone, and under one you will surely find what you need.

10. Never give up

One my favourite quotes is persistence overcomes resistance and I find that to be very true. The most persistent individuals always beat the smartest guys.

BONUS: Aim to be the greatest

Once you are the best in your field the money will follow you.



  1. Not everyone can be millionaires, some entrepreneurs are just lucky but i still love the tips.

    Keep it up Flavour

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