If you’ve bought any of these for Christmas presents, then think again.

Condoms expired gift cards and a pineapple may not be on top of everyone’s festive wish lists, but they are just some of the unwanted presented Brits have received over the years on Christmas Day morning.

Other questionable gifts include a packet of cigarettes, a bible, a six pack of beer and a chinchilla, however it was socks that came out on top of a poll by

More than one in ten (12 percent) of those questioned claimed they were most disappointed to unwrap a pair of socks on December 25th, despite them being a traditional festive stocking filler.

But it’s not just a difference in taste that caused upset on Christmas morning, an overwhelming lack of knowledge of the gift receiver is also a key reason for present buying failure. Slippers that were far too big, perfume that causes allergies and a bottle of wine for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, were just some of the examples of poorly purchased gifts.

Talking about the results, psychologist and gifting expert, Professor Karen Pine, said: “Receiving an unwanted present makes us feel bad because of what it says about our relationship with the giver. An unthoughtful present, such as screen wash for the car, a half used gift voucher or sanitary towels, which were all survey answers, can call a special relationship into question.

“Giving a gift sends two important messages; how much value is placed on the relationship and how well the giver knows the receiver. Therefore, getting upset about a bad gift isn’t to do with the material worth, it’s what it suggests about our relationship with the giver.”

Top Ten Most Outrageous Christmas Presents:

  1. A dress a size too small to encourage the receiver to lose weight
  2. A dildo
  3. An expired travel voucher
  4. De-icer
  5. Pre-owned Tupperware
  6. Boob-shaped computer mouse
  7. A packet of cigarettes
  8. Condoms
  9. Blank videotapes
  10. An opened tub of sweets