sophisticated grown-up bedroom

Curating an Instagram-worthy, sophisticated and stylish bedroom is no mean feat and requires some serious design savvy.

Here are some top tips for creating a grown-up bedroom that you can be proud to show off and one that you’ll just love to spend time in – after all, our bedroom really is our little sanctuary away from it all.

Dressing table

A smart and functional dressing table is a staple of all grown-up bedrooms and provides a place to stash your makeup, toiletries and jewellery boxes. A chic white gloss table will look clean and elegant – this option from Ikea is a great example. Plus the wipe down glass top is ideal for wiping up any potential spills.

ikea dressing table

No dressing table is complete without the perfect bedroom chair. Mid-century, cocktail style chairs are still extremely popular and make a real impact on the space without taking up too much room. Arlo & Jacob have a gorgeous range of mid-century cocktail style chairs that you can upholster in any fabric of your choosing – we think velvet is a stunning choice for a grown-up, sophisticated look.


Hiding clutter is the secret to a happy home and peace of mind, which is why it’s so important to provide yourself with ample storage solutions. Underbed storage is a clever option (out of sight, out of mind) and storing things up high that you don’t use regularly can also be an effective way of keeping the floor and room tidy. An ottoman storage bed is a practical and stylish solution for a grown-up bedroom that’s free of fuss and clutter. This option from Dreams is a seriously smart contender.

Under bed storage


Well-placed artwork and imagery can take a room from teenage poster-enthusiast to the curated grown-up gallery wall in no time. Highlighting colours in your décor or picking a single colour to contrast with your walls has a really sophisticated and calming effect on your space – instantly transforming it. Cult Furniture has an extensive range of posters and artworks to suit all tastes – including these lovely geometric prints.


Side tables

Finally, no Instagram-worthy room seems to be complete without complimentary side tables either side of the bed for symmetry. Smart side tables are ideal for resting stylish books and lamps and for balancing your room (while also giving more storage space). This Venetian mirrored side table is affordable and looks chic and sophisticated – making it the ideal choice for a grown-up bedroom.