Your job is bringing you down, grey clouds leave a heavy burden on your shoulders and the wind and rain of a British springtime is about as cheerful as a clown at a crematorium. You need a holiday.

Indeed, we all dream of getting away from the doldrums of our day-to-day grind. If only you could throw a dart into a map, pick the first location it hits and jet off in a heartbeat.

By the end of the day, you could be in some far-flung paradise, sipping sangrias on a sun-kissed beach or wandering through the cobbled streets of an old village, finding a quiet candlelit restaurant and devouring more tagliatelle than a Dolmio puppet with OCD.

So, we’ve done exactly that. We’ve headed to Gatwick airport, dropped our cars off at the Gatwick meet and greet, and travelled somewhere new and exciting – all to let you know our findings.

Here’s where we went.

The capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam isn’t all about vice, legalised cannabis and the Red Light District. Aside from the grubbier side of the city, it’s brimming with culture and dazzling architecture.

If you’re feeling sombre, why not head to the Anne Frank Museum? Situated in the actual house where she hid from the Nazis, it will provide a stark reminder of the fate of many people in the second world war.

But for a more upbeat day out, it’s time to hit the high seas and enjoy a canal ride through the glistening waterways of Amsterdam’s cultural quarter. From there you can hop on and off your boat, hitting museums and cafes along the way. What better way is there to visit this chillaxed city?

You’ve heard Freddie Mercury bellow its name at the top of his lungs, seen their football team score their way to victory and read about this land of Catalan cooking – now it’s time to visit the wonderful world of Barcelona.

In the sun-drenched hustle and bustle of this city, you’ll find some amazing places to eat. Your best bet for a great eat is the Agut, a restaurant that has revived classical Catalan food and a cosy atmosphere. Just be sure to book ahead. This eatery literally has queues up the street just to nab a bite.

You might associate Majorca with low-rent package holidays and more English tourists than you can shake a sombrero at, but Palma offers much more than cheap thrills.

For a dose of mediaeval interest, hit Bellver Castle for a look at one of the few circular castles in Europe. It’s just one of the hundreds of places to soak up the sun on this stunning location. It beats work by a long shot. There’s always something special about Europe trips, so no matter where you go, you’re bound to have a good time.