Luxardo SambucaFood shops, text books, food and nights out…The costs stack up when you’re a student. watching your wallet can really take its toll on your wardrobe, and as the term goes on it becomes increasingly tougher to justify spending your precious cash on new clothes, but there’s only so many times you can wear the same outfit before your mates start to notice.

Luxardo Sambuca know how important it is to look your best when you let your hair down, so are offering you the chance to get your glad rags on and update your wardrobe with £100 worth of Topman/Topshop vouchers. Luxardo Sambuca love a good night out and run events up and down the country to show off their zesty flavours and vibrant colours. Established almost 200 years ago, Luxardo now offera huge range of delicious flavours from the Classic white Sambuca to the melt in your mouth Spiced Apple, tangy Raspberry, hot and spicy chilli & Spices, , liquorice flavoured Passion Nera and the newest addition – the zingy Luxardo Sambuca with Mint! . They’re a perfect partner to a fun night out – but remember to always drink responsibly. To find out more, visit Luxardo Sambuca Facebook. Simply answer the question below for your chance to win £100 of Topshop/Topman vouchers to get some cool clobber for the days and nights ahead, courtesy of Luxardo Sambuca.

Hint: you’ll find the answer on the Luxardo Sambuca Facebook page!
In what year were Luxardo Sambuca established?
A) 1841
B) 1831
C) 1821
Send your answer along with your name, address and telephone number to [email protected]