Tor drops a tour de force in the shape of her single Remedy and reinforces the fact that she remains a premier force in the uk femcee scene.

Tor has been pushing her lyrical prowess for a number of years but there was a hiatus from the music world. Now, re-branded, repackaged and with a different perspective on life (it seems) Tor’s music and lyrical flow is certainly on a more mature level.

Remedy the anthemic latest single taken from her latest ep Journals seems to reinforce this different perspective on life when she drops the loaded verse-

‘I can rap in double time but I would rather rap simply/I do it all on purpose so you hear every inch of me’.

Remedy continues Tor’s rather under-stated yet significant push on this current music scene bringing a vibe that is uplifting, inspirational and time brilliant -now that cannot be bad.

Further up and coming material includes her lp due for release in October and another telling collaboration with Wilderness Poet.

Tor Cesay-tidy!