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Celebrities are always on top of their sunglasses game: the right pair of shades pulls your look together allows you to go incognito and of course looks cool in any weather. Glasses to give that bookishly smart look to any outfit. This season tortoise shell has taken over as the frame de jour from the classic black that has been riding high for so long now.


We can always count on trendsetters like, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Brad Pit, Beyonce, Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp to wear the coolest new sunnies, whether it’s a pair of oversized tortoiseshell shades or retro-inspired cat-eye frames.



Much like black there is a wide range of tortoise shell styles on the market.  Tiger, Havana or Retro

Here are some of our “TOP TORTOISE” frames from Eye Respect


On point for those who wish to stand out from the crowd, the Tiger Tort is rich and vibrant. For that reason we like to create stronger shapes for this acetate to really shine.



Man,woman, young, old, contemporary, traditional – it matters not with classic, vintage tortoise shell. Sandy in tone with more subtle specs, the vintage tortoise shell has been the most popular tone of tort since the inception of Eye Respect.

DC in Vintage Tort


Traditional, dark and rich, Havanna tortoise shell is as exciting as the city it’s named after. A great choice in the sun, offset with surrounding natural light, this acetate also lends itself well to more classic and traditional styling, as seen below on Paul.

Paul in Havanna Tort


Our retro tort is such a bold statement acetate, it can only be coupled with an equally bold frame shape. We bottomed it off here with crystal acetate, to really bring out the retro vibe in it’s all round styling. On shores not so far from us, this kind of frame and material is considered normal in every day life, as eyewear has an essential place in conveying one’s personality, a concept us Brits are starting to come round to.

Rufus in Retro Tort & Crystal

Eye Respect was born out of a desire to pay homage to the long and distinguished histories of English & Italian culture, style and standards of craftsmanship.

Eye Respect frames are designed by hand and manufactured by hand. Our designs are conceived in London in the artisinal way, and then head to the region of Veneto in Northern Italy to our family – owned workshop that has been producing the finest acetate frames for 50 years. Each frame goes through more than 60 crafted stages to achieve the style and quality that we respect, represent and embrace.    @eyerespect     #eyerespectagram




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