Toyota GT86

Admittedly, I was uber excited when I realised I was going to review the Toyota GT86.

I must admit, I had a Fast and Furious moment when I thought about how low to the ground the car was, and how fast I was going to drive it. I must admit that after driving and reviewing the Toyota C-HR, I felt that the GT86 would blow my mind in a different capacity.

Toyota GT86 review by Leonard W Foster
Toyota GT86 – The day it arrived at my door step!

However, and again I must admit (sorry Toyota) that I was a tad disappointed when I first started driving the GT86. I wanted it to to be faster, I wanted it to feel like Vin Diesel in fast and furious. I wanted it to give me a white knuckle ride of thrills and spills. In fact, I assumed that the GT86 would be a car I would love and would want to keep, but it wasn’t.

The GT86 model I drove was the GT86 Pro 2.0L Manual T+G
0-62 MPH in 7.7secs
Top Speed 140MPH
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Max. Power (bhp/kW @rpm) 197/147 @7,000
Max. Torque (Nm @rpm) 205 @ 6,400 – 6,000
OTR Price – £28,005
Options – Toyota Touch2 with Go £750 & Metallic Paint £545
Total OTR Price – £29,300

Can you see why I was excited? So when I started driving and realised it didn’t feel as fast as it sounded on paper, I’m sure you can understand my initial disappointment.

Toyota GT86 review by Leonard W Foster
Back Shot – Toyota GT86. Look at the wheels, the spoiler, the exhaust pipe, the rear lights and the GT86 badge!

But then came a light bulb moment, that only someone who has driven lots of cars would know. I remembered when I had my Toyota Corolla GT Twin-Cam 16Valve hatchback waaaay back in the day and it was my favourite boy toy at the time.

It was that same light bulb moment that I remembered the high revs and the way how Toyota’s drive. It was that moment that I adjusted my driving skills to match the revs and torque of the GT86. It was that moment that I stopped changing gears so quickly. It was that moment that I literally revved each gear to almost the maximum rpm and it was at that moment that I started enjoying the Toyota GT86.

You simply can’t drive a car like this in your normal way. You have to rev it, and I mean rev it hard. You have to be absolutely die hard with your gear shifting. You have to rev each gear to its limit to feel the power and prowess.

Toyota GT86 review by Leonard W Foster 2
Toyota GT86 – The Cockpit!

The Toyota GT86 has 6 gears, however, if you drive it race-car style, you’ll be lucky if you manage to shift to 5th gear. You’ll run out of road while you’re going through the paces of reviving the gears to their maximum rpm. I’m referring to that moment when the dashboard lights start flashing, telling you ‘change gear, change gear’.

This is a driver’s car. If you haven’t got a bit of Lewis Hamilton within you, then you may not like this car. However, if you are a high rev fiend then you’ll absolutely love this car.

You’ll love the way it holds the road, you’ll love the proximity to the ground. You’ll love the go kart feel and the race car feel, all in one tiny little package that sticks the road like glue. You’ll love the fact that it’s a head turner and the sound it makes while speeding down the road. You’ll love the bucket seats and the way the seat belt constantly holds you in the seat as if you were on a roller coaster at universal studios.

You’ll love the quick shift gear stick and the small steering wheel giving you total control as you turn or bomb out of a roundabout, leaving the competition in your rear view mirror.

Remember the car in front is a….. Toyota!

The GT86 has limited creature comforts, but just enough to keep you satisfied while keeping with the race car feel. My model came with heated seats, sat nav, 8-inch touch screen display, twin climate control, but there isn’t much more than that and to be honest my biggest disappointment with the GT86 was the sound system. It’s weak. No bass. No midrange. Mainly treble. Which for me is an absolute no go.

There’s amazing images and footage on the Toyota website to whet your appetite!

The interior styling of the GT86 is slick, streamlined and clean. The exterior is a curvy, mini beast style machine. The car looks very small, almost like a toy car. But this is one toy you’ll love.

Toyota GT86 Interior
Toyota GT86 Interior

Two exhaust pipes, 10 spoke alloy wheels and a sexy spoiler makes the GT86 look like a super fast, super car. With a couple of seats in the back and enough boot space to hold my golf clubs and luggage, the Toyota GT86 manages to make use of every inch of space this tiny car has to offer.

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