Toyota GT86

Jumping into the Toyota GT86 was like stepping into a scene from “Fast and Furious”—the anticipation was electric, and my inner speed demon was ready to hit the asphalt.

This car, after all, wasn’t just any ride; it was Toyota’s spirited dive into the sports car domain, promising a blend of agility, style, and that adrenaline-pumping drive that every car enthusiast dreams about.

Toyota GT86 review by Leonard W Foster
Toyota GT86 – The day it arrived at my doorstep!

The moment I laid eyes on it, nostalgia kicked in. Memories of my days zipping around in a Toyota Corolla GT Twin-Cam 16Valve— one of my ultimate boyhood crushes—flooded back. But here was the Toyota GT86, ready to redefine my benchmarks for what makes a thrilling drive.

This wasn’t a car you could just hop into and drive off; no, it demanded a certain finesse. The GT86 was a call back to the raw, exhilarating driving experiences of yesteryears, where every gear shift was a deliberate action, every rev a calculated move to harness its full potential. It was clear: to truly enjoy the GT86, you had to be willing to push its limits, to rev high and hard, to engage with the car in a dance of speed and precision.

Toyota GT86 review by Leonard W Foster
Back Shot – Toyota GT86. Look at the wheels, the spoiler, the exhaust pipe, the rear lights and the GT86 badge!

With six gears at its disposal, the GT86 dared you to keep up, challenging you to make the most of its rev-happy engine. The thrill wasn’t just in the speed, but in the mastery of control, of pushing it to the brink of its rpm limit, all while the dashboard fervently signalled for a gear change. This car wasn’t for the faint-hearted or the novice. It was a machine that required a bit of Lewis Hamilton’s spirit infused in your driving style.

The GT86 model I drove was the GT86 Pro 2.0L Manual T+G

  • 0-62 MPH in 7.7secs
  • Top Speed 140MPH
  • Transmission 6 Speed Manual
  • Max. Power (bhp/kW @rpm) 197/147 @7,000
  • Max. Torque (Nm @rpm) 205 @ 6,400 – 6,000
  • OTR Price – £28,005
  • Options – Toyota Touch2 with Go £750 & Metallic Paint £545

Total OTR Price – £29,300

And oh, how it rewarded you for it! The GT86 clung to the road with an almost magnetic grip, its low stance and race-car feel combining to deliver a ride that was both exhilarating and supremely confident. It turned heads, not just for its audacious roar but for its sleek, curvaceous design that screamed speed even at a standstill. Inside, it was all about the driver’s experience—bucket seats that hugged you tight, a quick-shift gear stick, and a compact steering wheel that put you in absolute command.

Toyota GT86 review by Leonard W Foster 2
Toyota GT86 – The Cockpit!

Yet, for all its race-ready bravado, the GT86 didn’t forget about comfort. Heated seats, a responsive 8-inch touchscreen display, and twin climate controls were just enough to remind you that speed didn’t mean a compromise on comfort. The only letdown? The sound system. For a car that played its engine note like a symphony, the lack of bass was a noticeable gap in an otherwise stellar performance.

Toyota GT86 Interior
Toyota GT86 Interior

But let’s talk looks—because the GT86 wasn’t just about how it drove. Its interior was a blend of sophistication and sportiness, with clean, streamlined styling that matched its dynamic exterior. This was a car that looked as good as it performed, with dual exhausts, striking 10-spoke alloy wheels, and a spoiler that added just the right touch of flair.

Here’s an amazing image from the Toyota website to whet your appetite!

Remember the car in front is a… Toyota!

In essence, the Toyota GT86 was a testament to the joy of driving. It was a car that reminded you why you fell in love with driving in the first place—a pure, unadulterated love affair between man and machine. Sure, it might have lacked some creature comforts, but what it offered was something far more valuable: a reminder that in the world of cars, sometimes, the best experiences come from the simplest connections.

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