Daughter to one of the world’s most infamous divas, a former model, fashion magazine editor and an actress, who is also known for her unique but chic style, there is just no simple way to define Tracee Ellis-Ross.

Having Diana Ross as your mother must make for quite a surreal experience. Being surrounded by tonnes of glamour and having some of the biggest Motown stars casually popping by to say hi, is somewhat like a dream for many, however in her upcoming Flavour Magazine interview, Tracee describes all the allure and prestige surrounding her childhood as quite normal.

Born to a white father and having attended school in Switzerland, Tracee is very much a citizen of the world and is far removed from the Diva tag any woman with the surname Ross would automatically assume.

Tracee exudes beauty, but is hilariously funny at the same time. On her signature style she says, ‘I’ve always loved clothes. I think I burst out of the womb trying to shop! Like, gimmie that one and can I try those in a 10?’ (Laughs)

Her step into acting has seen Ms. Ross play many roles, but she is most remembered for her part as the prim and proper attorney, Joan Clayton, on the hit TV show Girlfriends. With Girlfriends coming to an unwanted and premature end to its fans, Tracee is back in a new TV sitcom starring alongside ‘Cosby Show’ actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Reed Between the Lines, airs in the UK on BET on Tuesday 15th November. The show follows a modern, blended family, with Tracee playing Psychologist, Dr. Carla Reed, who struggles to balance her roles as a wife, mother and high-flying Dr. Speaking on her new role Tracee says, ‘I liked the role because it was completely different to Joan. As much as I loved playing her, I wanted to remove myself from that’.

Tracee is nothing at all like what you would expect, read the full interview in Flavour Magazine coming soon.

Reed Between the Lines airs on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8.30pm on BET Sky Channel 191 from November 15.