So hello people it’s a cold, rainy night and I am in an internet café putting some stuff up on the Flavour site and listening to some tracks.

So anyway, I check out something from my boy Ayo down there at We Plug Good Music. True to the company name here’s a gem that will be track of the week on Flavour called I Am. Courtesy of a lady called Ebonie G, this track basically transported me to a time (the 90’s to be exact) where slow jams were the bomb and an obligatory part of ANY good night out.

Hold on however this is not a track professing love to some dude with an excess amount of Sport and Wave. You have to listen to the words and you realise this is a love song (in essence) to names that have lifted up the black race from Martin Luther King, to Muhammed Ali and of course Nelson Mandela. Inspired by Black History Month, this is a track that reflects on her own life, while being a celebration of these huge names. It’s all brought together in a fantastic track (props to the producers Christopher Taylor and Sanjay Rajo) with Ebonie’s beautiful vocal prowess serenading and bewitching us.

Normally I would put Ebonie G in my blog Future Flavours blog  (check out my last one) and maybe I still will but I had to make this a track of the week.

Ebonie loving what you did right here talk to me!

Look out for Ebonie’s ‘I Am Beautiful Inspiration’ Tour-

23/10/14 Scream Lounge, Croydon//25/10/14 Sun Pier House,Chatham, Kent