Have you heard about Tradiio? If you are a music lover and especially a lover of establishing new, unsigned and independent music then Tradiio is a must have for you!

Tradiio helps you discover the best new music and you help artist’s climb the Tradiio charts. How does it work? Download the app and sign up to Tradiio for free today. Once the sign up process is complete you are rewarded with some free coins. Now all you have to do is search the app, using the straight forward search options, and discover artists you may never ever have discovered if it wasn’t for Tradiio. You can search internationally and all music genres or you can search locally like the UK and selected genres like Hip Hop or RnB. Once you find music or artists that you like you can add the tracks to your favourites and follow the artists for updates. It’s simple!

So how do the artists benefit? The coins that you invest in their music helps their music move up the Tradiio charts. These coins will be topped up as you continue to use Tradiio or as you complete built in easy challenges. These easy challenges really are easy, like following a friend or listening to five minutes of free music. Once in the top 20 of the charts the artists get FREE benefits such as studio time, festival bookings, label deals, mastering and music videos. Something every unsigned and independent artist would want or need to help grow their musical career. Here’s the best part, the coins are free and all money is virtual money. So what are you waiting for? Help an artists career today and discover some sick music too!


All music artists are welcome to Tradiio who can sign up and add their music to the platform for people to invest in and listen to straight away. If you are looking for a platform to help share your music and help your music be heard then hit up Tradiio today! Think of the great rewards you can earn and how they could help your musical career and dream come true. Its a no brainer!

The app is a great app and I’m sure the creators and team are always working hard to improve all areas of it. My only negative points are, the app can be a little tricky to move through at times and hard to edit your full profile on. I had to create my full profile via the website version. I also think download links to the tracks that you invest in should become available once you have invested. That way you can have your favourite music on the go too, not just through Tradiio. It would also help artists get their music out there that little bit more as well. Other than that though, a great app with a great focus behind it. I love it!

Here at Flavourmag we love Tradiio and think it’s a fantastic idea. We support all unsigned, independent and up and coming music so we support Tradiio too. Sign up and see for yourself here –

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