transform home

Transforming small spaces can seem challenging at first as it may appear like it is not much you can do to make it appear larger.

However, this is not completely the case. With a trick of the eye and some careful storage allocation, the room can be made to look so much larger than it is. To help you get started, we have given you some tips and tricks below.

Take Advantage Of Wall Space

One of the easiest ways to transform a small space room is to take advantage of the wall space. Whether this is through floating shelves or adding canvas prints and other artwork on the walls you can add your own personal touch to the room without taking up too much space on the floor. By adding shelving, you can store several items and change it constantly without having to keep redecorating every few months, making it the perfect long-term solution.

Be Smart With Storage

In addition to using shelves for storage, you must make the most of the floor space that you have. Whether it is by adding storage under the bed or a desk in the corner of the room can help to provide space-saving solutions for paperwork and other items in the room. In addition, having a wardrobe that is measured to fit the space you have will reduce the amount of space that is wasted, whilst allowing you to hang up all your clothes and save space on the floor or on the chest of draws.

Use Colour Wisely

If your space is particularly small, using laughter colours on the walls and for accents is advised. This is because it allows natural light to bounce around the room and make the room look bigger. This is particularly important for those living in a loft conversion or in a room with one window as light is often limited at every point in the day. Keeping the colours light will prevent the room from feeling claustrophobic and will allow you to enjoy a relaxing space that works for you, regardless of the size of the room that you are working with.

Incorporate Mirrors

If your space is both small and lacks light then using mirrored wardrobes or mirrors on the wall can help to reflect light and make the room look bigger. Whether it is a mirrored vanity or a set of mirrored wardrobes, these can help to bounce the light around the room. It also saves floor space as it allows you to have a mirror without needing another desk or vanity to store it. This, therefore, allows you to make the perfect room to suit your personality and still have space to walk around freely and enjoy the space that you have.

Whether you are designing a small room in your new home or you are looking to redesign the box bedroom in your home, several options can help your room look just how you want whilst being as practical as possible, no matter how small it is.