The month of August is a bitter-sweet one, it is at once one of the most beautiful summer months but it also signifies that the end is near and fall is just around the corner which means that winter is two steps away.

But fall doesn’t have to mean rain, gloom and cloudy skies. For all the fashion lovers out there, fall is a great time to sashay around in some beautiful clothes. As the fall collection starts to descend in all the stores, take some time to browse through the new arrivals whether you’re browsing online, exploring the mall, jumping on eBay, or visiting Gumtree.

But don’t feel the need to rush out and create an entire new fall wardrobe, (if you have the money go for it! Lucky you!) but for the regular people out there, updating wardrobes typically means buying a few things to complement your existing wardrobe or artfully transitioning your existing pieces by adding the right accessories.

First thing you should do is go through your wardrobe and critically assess everything that you already have and divide into piles:

The Throw Away Pile:
Be honest with yourself – the general rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you won’t wear it again.

The Maybe Pile:
Clothing that you wear every so often, and pieces that you would love to wear more often given the right accessories.

The Keep Pile:
These are the clothing that you live in 24/7. Throw away anything that is very old and threadbare, and if you really love it so much try to purchase something similar that isn’t full of holes and tears.

Now that you have emptied out at least one third of your closet, figure out what kinds of things you will need to create some stunning and workable outfits. With all the information at hand, you may now venture out to the malls, but how to know what you should or should not invest your money in?

Here are some examples of what trends Fall 2014 is looking at:


Matching tops and bottoms have been all the rage for summer 2014 and will continue to be trendy in the fall. Why do you we love them? Not only is it super easy to coordinate your outfit, but their super versatile designs and patterns allow for dozens of mixing and matching options with other items of clothing.


Keeping in line with Fall 2014’s vintage kitsch vibe, gold is the ‘it’ thing for the season. You can’t go wrong with adding gold to your wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing big, bold faux gold jewellery or adding some gold accessories to your outfit du jour such as a purse or a belt or gold trimming on your shoes. If you don’t feel like spending the money, go raid your mom or aunt’s closet, you’re sure to discover something great. Vintage is totally in.

Top Shop Midi Skirt

Short – Midi Skirts:
The best of both worlds, grab one or two of these fabulous creations of short thigh skimming skirts which use sheer, gauzy material to fall to ankle-length. Super comfortable and sexy, it’s easily transferable from your summer to fall wardrobe.


If you were keeping up with the trends of Summer 2014 you might have invested in a lot of pastel clothing. The great news is that pastels are absolutely making the transition into fall. Pair your pastel coloured blouse with a pair of dark skinny jeans, boots and a sweater or a jacket and you are good to go.

Did you practically spend the summer in your pink midi dress? Slap on some dark tights and wind a scarf around your neck for the perfect fall day outfit.

When you hit the malls over the coming weeks keep these few trends in mind and do your best to incorporate some key items that you will complement the clothes you picked out in your “Maybe” and “To Keep” pile.

The best clothing investments are the ones that you can pair with other pieces to create fashion forward outfits at any time of the year be it spring, summer, fall or winter. Not only will you save a bundle but you’ll be able to unleash your creative spirit by throwing together fabulous outfits!