Travel with Kiri Bloore

As a sports presenter Kiri is rarely off a plane, we checked in with her for some hints and tips on how to fly and stay fabulous while doing so…

So, Kiri, we know you have been on the road since January. How many flights do you think you have been on so far?

“That’s a tough one I would say at least 65 or 70,” said as she is counting on her fingers. “It becomes a blur after a while, I said to a friend the other day I think I must have permanent jet lag, sometimes you wake up with no idea what time it is.”

Travel with Kiri Bloore

What do you travel in on long-haul flights?

Most flights are a delightful early start, so you are rushing to put clothes on and not be late. I always try and look at least half presentable getting through the airport and then change once on the plane into gym clothes. I have only recently started changing and it makes such a difference in comfort. I would strongly suggest carrying a spare sent of leggings with you and a big jumper for warmth. I never leave home without my Tiba and Marl backpack stuffed full as onboard luggage.

What’s your favourite place you have been?

That’s so hard to say, as everywhere has its own special magic, Argentina had so many experiences that will never be forgotten good and bad. But Ibiza for all the other reasons to what you would think is my favourite, in the north of the island you can just relax take in incredible views and watch sunsets for days it truly is the perfect place if you sneak away from the madness and find a sanctuary.

Travel with Kiri Bloore

Now for the big one what products can you not do without once you are sat in that seat?

Kiri starts rummaging through her bag, pulling items out. Of course, water don’t forget to stock up on water, even if you think there is an endless supply on the plane, take more, and your favourite tea bags. I love green tea and there isn’t always green tea available, and don’t forget chewing gum it’s small things that make the difference. In terms of lotions and potions well I never leave home without my night nourisher from Vaishaly.

Balm kind lip balm is perfect for a plane, small so fits in luggage and so moisturising and full of antioxidants. Bioderma face wipes, if you are going to use any, they are the best on the market, I know everyone advises not to use wipes but, on a plane, there isn’t much option and these are really great. It’s so hard to fit all your products in one small bag for liquids to get through the airport, so things like wipes are great for not taking up space.

Kiri is still rummaging in her bag. Oh yes, hand cream your whole body gets so dry on a plane hand cream is a little luxury that everyone should carry with them.

I use L’Occitane shea butter, mainly because it’s so rich and the scent is not too strong and you can buy it once you are through again to save space in that valuable liquid’s plastic bag.

Makeup well I have my trusty Diorshow mascara but the tends to dry out and I don’t even leave home without my Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer. Remember mascara isn’t counted as a liquid so keep that out of the plastic bag save space for the things you need.

Travel with Kiri Bloore

Right, you are off the plane and settled in your hotel what’s with you now?

Kiri laughs “Ok I will try and keep this quick. Firstly, muslin face cloths, carrying cotton pads is too much hassle and they always run out and this way is better for the environment, Bioderma makeup remover. Just brilliant. Vivoderm face wash and creams, Glamglow super mud face mask you can get minis as well now. Face scrub cheap will do – the apricot one from St Ives works wonders, sunscreen Glossier so light and easy to put under foundation and WOW charcoal paste to keep my teeth somewhat white while away. I think that’s about it I always take probiotics, evening primrose oil, Vitamin C and Echinacea, and of course green tea in bundles.”

Travel with Kiri Bloore

Where are you off to now?

My next trip is a big one to Australia and then a break in NZ, after I finish work it will all be about the sunshine for a month or so.

Kiri says with a massive grin.