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Many of us use our phones, tablets and laptops to book a holiday, organise our travel plans and tick off our packing checklists. But what happens with our tech when it comes to getting through airport security?

It turns out that Britons going on holiday could be facing even longer delays at airport security due to the confusion around what technology can actually be taken when travelling abroad. carried out a recent survey, revealing that 11.4% of UK holidaymakers have been delayed at airport security due to a misplaced piece of electronic equipment. This news comes out as releases its new “Sun. Sea. Tech. Easy.” resource, informing holidaymakers on how they can get the most out of their tech.

So what are the regulations when it comes to taking tech abroad with us? Here are a few tips that should help you avoid longer airport security delays…

  • Since March this year, large phones, laptops and other devices bigger than 16cm x 9.3cm x 1.5cm are not allowed in the cabin of flights to the UK from Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tunisia and Jordan.
  • All passengers flying in to or out of the UK should make sure that electrical devices in hand luggage is charged enough so that they can be switched on when they go through airport security. This applies to anything with a battery including: Phones, electrical shavers, cameras, tablets, and travel irons.
  • If you are unaware of your network provider’s rules for using data abroad, turn off data roaming on your device before you leave. Your devices could be downloading data throughout your stay without you even realising!

Could we last a week or two without our tech while we relax in the sun? The survey also revealed that technology was a vital part of our holiday experience.

18.3% of families in London take over 7 devices with them when on holiday abroad.

17.9% of families with 16 – 24 year olds take over 7 devices with them when on holiday abroad. 

Only 10.6% of the UK does not take any electronic devices on holiday abroad.

8.1% of the UK takes over 7 devices with them when on holiday abroad.

7.5% of families in London take over 11 devices with them on holiday abroad.

What are your primary reasons for using tech on holidays abroad?  

Photography is the main reason UK holidaymakers take electronics abroad. 56.5% of the UK said this was one of the primary reasons for doing so.

The UK’s top five reasons for using tech abroad 

  1. Taking photos
  2. Social Media
  3. Reading
  4. Maps/translator
  5. Playing music

To make sure you get the most out of your technology abroad, you can take a look at’s “Sun. Sea. Tech. Easy.” here –

Image Credit: Jeff Hopper