Soul singer Travis Lee has dropped his highly anticipated ‘Reflections’ EP, promising an infusion of Old School Soul mixed with that fresh new taste. The 4-track EP was produced entirely by Travis Lee himself, making Travis not only an amazing singer but a very talented producer as well.

Travis Lee resides in Brisbane, but most of his EP was conceived when he was living in the most creative city in Australia, Melbourne. In life we are constantly reflecting on what we’ve done, Travis Lee’s ‘Reflections’ pinpoints his very own memories that trigger deep emotion, seduction and lust. He also taps into the trials and tribulations of forming friendships and relationships.

Whilst Travis Lee’s sensual vocals will put you in a soul trance, his EP also features local artists’ such as Nfa Jones front man for Australian hip-hop group 1200 Techniques, and R&B star Elesia Iimura.

Track Listing:

1. Next 2 Me
2. Reflections Featuring Nfa Jones
3. Closer
4. Tell Me Featuring Elesia Iimura

Travis Lee made his first official single release in 2013 with ‘Take You Away’ co-written by fellow producer/DJ ‘Gavin Boyd’ and produced by Travis Lee himself; ‘Take You Away’ was a soulful elegant song ready to set Travis Lee on a tremendous journey, and made his mark within the music industry.

It was not long until Travis Lee had built some momentum, and shortly after he signed the song to the honourable label ‘Sonar Kollectiv,’ housing artist such as ‘Fat Freddy’s Drop’ and ‘Jazzanova’.

Travis Lee will also be doing an EP launch show at the Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane on the 20th November 2014.

Reflections EP is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp & Amazon.