Billy Boyce Clothing has established itself as the contemporary, chic couture brand for London’s fashion-loving elite. Combining traditional military patches, buttons and punk-era colours into modern street wear, Billy Boyce is not only leading the way for future trends but it’s also redefining the concept of street fashion in the city. At London fashion week the brand has been compared to the likes of Sean John, LRG, and even Ed Hardy – all of whom are  American, but Billy Boyce Clothing is 100% British.

In with the in-crowd
The collection is aimed at trendy individuals – from youngsters to adventurous adults and professionals. Regardless of status, Billy Boyce’s followers all enjoy a fashionable existence and stylish lifestyle all around the world as fashion and art is their very lifeblood.











To find out more visit, and if you’d like a chance to win an item of Billy Boyce clothing email your name and contact details to [email protected].



  1. I love everything i see here…….this is soo wat the UK needs!
    Am definitely swapping my American Apparels for Billy Boyce Clothing!
    Into my wardrobe comes Billy Boyce out onto oxfam goes my American Apparels or perhaps the bin.

  2. Incroyable!

    These designs are visually stunning, and very attention grabbing, which is extremely important in fashion. Billy Boyce Clothing is sure to be a big hit with urban youth and trend setters. I want a pair of those harem pants.

    From the Intricate Mind of Justin French

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