Thinking your summer might be one of boredom? Think again! Click here to find out about some of the biggest trends we think we are going to see this summer!

With fun things like fashion, movies, travel, games and festivals going on, there are many different trends to keep up with. Since summer is right around the corner, it can be hard to know where to begin. If you would like to keep up with the latest fashion and start the summer knowing all the latest trends, keep reading!

Fashion to Follow

From neon tops and dresses to mesh and animal print, these are just a few of the fashion trends you will see this summer. These trends are great for nights out, holidays and even music festivals and can help make you stand out from the crowd. As well as these fun fashions, you can also expect some frills, polka dots and flares to make an appearance on the high street shops. The 70s are back in a big way!

Gaming Trends

With the increased popularity in online gaming, there are many trends that you can join in. Since technology is getting more advanced there are many great games that you can play; check out some of the games at casinos online to see just how advanced they can be. The days of the one-armed bandit are long gone and you can now expect bonuses galore with games such as Book of the Dead.

Movies to Watch

With some long waits for movies including horrors and cartoons as well as comedy and action movies, you can expect to find yourself in the cinema more than you usually would with all the upcoming releases. For example, the new Avengers Endgame movie was released at the beginning of May and fans came in the thousands to watch it. As well as this exciting release you can expect to see Life of Pets 2 in May followed by Toy Story 4 in June, along with many other exciting films that are suitable for people of all ages. These summer releases will certainly be some of the best.

Festivals to Attend

With summer coming, you can expect to see many festivals featuring music of all genres. Some of the most popular festivals to attend this year include Tomorrowland, Hideout and many more. Some of the top music festivals in the UK include Creamfields, Trnsmt, Summer Sessions and many others. Have a look today and see if you can get any tickets for these brilliant events this year – whether you are just going for the day or camping out for the weekend, you are bound to have a lot of fun.

Summer Holiday Destinations

Depending on the holiday you are looking for whether it be a party destination, relaxing holiday or a tourist-filled holiday, there are many different locations to choose from. For some of the best nightlife, make sure you head to Magaluf, Ibiza or Zante for some fun. For some relaxation head to the Maldives or Santorini as well as some other gorgeous islands and for some tourism, head over to the busy streets of Venice or explore some the huge buildings in New York – but don’t forget to have a look into the future with the advanced technology in Tokyo.

No matter what you are doing this summer, it is sure to be fun and full of exciting trends. What are your summer plans?

Image: Pixabay