Glasses aren’t just a practicality they are a fashion piece that can completely enhance your look. This season’s eyewear fashion concentrates on individuality with diverse and eye-catching frames that accentuate your facial features and bring out your personality.

Here’s a run-down of the most on-trend glasses styles for Autumn 2022.

Go Big

Oversized statement sunglasses have been a key trend for many seasons. Now, oversized eyeglasses frames, incorporating 70’s style thick angular shapes and bold colours, are making a huge comeback. Whatever outfit choice you make, there will be an oversized glasses frame to suit your every look.

Metal Frames

Classic, metal glasses are having a big moment in Autumn 2022. Timeless and elegant, metal glasses frames are so lightweight and delicate, that you will hardly notice you’re wearing them. Available in an array of shapes and sizes and with a range of metallic colours to choose from, you can work this effortless vintage aesthetic into the modern-day trend.

Rounded Shapes

Round glasses are bringing back a vintage 60’s and 70’s vibe. Made famous by celebrities such as John Lennon, Elton John, rounded frames are both cool and stylish at the same time. If you’re looking to make a statement, bring a modern twist to the style with a large round acetate frame. If you prefer a more traditional look, choose small, metal frames for a classic, laid-back vibe.

Geometric Angles

Round glasses not for you? Try a geometric shape for a highly inclusive fashion style this Autumn. Geometric frames can be octagonal, hexagonal, square or cat-eye shaped and may have pointed or flat edges. Whether you want bold and bright or simple and understated, geometric glasses will bring an undeniable flair to your look.

Jewel-Toned Hues

This Autumn it’s time to swap out your pastel frames for the vibrant, rich jewel colours that are adorning glasses frames this season. Brighten up your autumn days by experimenting with bright, energetic tones such as sapphire blue, ruby red, citrus yellow and amethyst purple.


There is no single defining glasses trend for Autumn/Winter 2022. Today’s eyewear fashion is all about combining different styles to flatter your features and elevate your overall look. Find your go-to style from the list above, and have fun finding looks to let your personality shine.