Last week in London we were invited along to see the new Spring/Summer lines for Tresor Paris this year. With Tresor Paris being one of our favourite jewellery brands, known for their crystal beaded bracelets and their ISL watches, it was no surprise that we loved everything at the launch.

The entire showroom was draped in everything Tresor, so as we made our way around we discovered all of the new lines and the inspiration behind them. First up were the new designs of their watches, now with an octagonal face, stainless steel bezel and a crystal encrusted dial. We absolutely love the new designs as they look a lot more expensive and tie in well with the rest of the jewellery. We also saw and fell in love with so many of the new lines.

Tornade, which was made in accordance with the spiked trend, had a mixture of plain gold, rose gold and white gold plated studs, as well as crystal studs, adding an expensive touch to the trend. The Belle Rose collection reignited our love for the colour pink, with Aurora Borealis crystals embedded into the designs. Our definite favourite had to be the Purple collection, and it says it all in the name. With a choice between earrings, a ring and different designs of bracelets, the choice of both light and deep purple colours made the collection a timeless set and a statement colour for any season.


With the chance to try on the jewellery and take a look at them in close detail, we will most probably find ourselves delving into so many pieces in this new Spring/Summer collection, and with pieces starting from as little as £29, Tresor Paris most definitely know how to create luxury jewellery at an affordable price.